[China]People’s Daily reports the Toxic Haze as ‘Heavy Fog’

PM 2.5 comparison between China and the USA with the same timestamp.
Another screenshot shows how China’s haze status. Date: Dec. 8, 2019

In recent days, China is suffering in heavy smog again. Chinese are furious about the heavy haze. But they are blocked by the censored internet and Great Firewall from expressing their anger.

A Chinese father successfully broke through the Great Firewall and sent his article to GNews, quote: “I woke up in the morning to see that the thick haze is like solidified glue! The outside scene seemed to have no color in the hazy black and white picture! I looked at the child’s immature face and was very reluctant to let him go to kindergarten, thinking of his immature lungs to endure such a harsh environment, my tears could not stop flowing! My mother was also helpless to say that the child is bored at home and better go to kindergarten. We silently found out an adult-size anti-smog mask for my son, it is not appropriate to put it on a child. It is better to wear it than nothing. Chinese people are so angry! It is too sad that young children survive in such an environment that is not suitable for human existence. It is our responsibility to change, and it is our duty to bring a new and beautiful living environment for the next generation. The exposè revolution gives me confidence, and Mr. Miles Guo enlightens our minds.”

A Chinese father took this photo when his mother was sending his son to the kindergarten. Source.

How does People’s Daily report the toxic haze?

The heavy fog continued to appear in parts of Huanghuai and Sichuan Basin this morning. Dec 10, 2019, People’s Daily.

Why China is suffering from heavy haze?

CCP always argues that China needs to develop so that a ‘little’ pollution is inevitable. The president competitor Bloomberg also advocates CCP’s rhetoric in the USA.

That is a total lie. The real reason for China’s haze problem lies in the systematic corruption of the communist regime.

  1. Petroleum, chemical, steel, and other heavy industry enterprises are state-owned, which are controlled by CCP cadres and their families. These enterprises have no restrictions on their exhaust gas discharge.
  2. Ordinary companies(smaller ones, private ones) are bribing environmental inspection officials to shut down equipment that purifies exhaust gas to save business costs.
  3. The media is controlled by CCP. CCP issued a document asking all media to ‘report haze as fog from 2012.’

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