[China] His Wife “Hanged Herself” after CCP Official Under Investigation

Beijing — December 3, 2019, Meng Fanliang, Deputy Director for the Leader Education Center of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) was arrested and put under investigation. His charge was violating ‘laws and regulations’.

Two days later, on December 5, Meng’s wife, Jiang Yishan was found dead by ‘hanging herself’ at home according to CCP’s media, mysteriously. Jiang was a National First Class actress, Peking Opera singer and member of Beijing Political Consultative Conference. Her friends were shocked by her sudden suicide and described her as a positive and happy person who had very good relationships with her parents and her husband. On November 29, she just promoted her new live performance for December 19 on social media. 

Jiang Yishan. R.I.P

People wonder that as a wife of a high-rank CCP official, Jiang might have become a victim of the Party cleaning campaign.

Under the totalitarian tyranny, no one has real safety and happiness. Unlimited power, corruption, threat, and persecution are common in their daily lives. Was Jiang involved in any unspeakable secrets of some CCP members? Or was she merely a sacrifice of a CCP scandal? No one knows. 

Author: GM65

Editor: GM09

Source: GNEWS-CN, People’s Daily.

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