The Pandora’s Box Endangering Mr. Miles Guo’s Life

Author: The Confused

A potentially incriminating photo released by and showing Hunter Biden and President Obama together in the Oval Office. The time the picture was taken coincides with a series of significant geopolitical events related to national security and potential corruption cases.

Today, and just released yet another wave of bombshell materials retrieved from the infamous Hunter Biden’s Laptop from Hell.

Since October 23rd, on an hourly basis, and have been releasing exclusively videos, photos, text messages, legal documents, and others from #LaptopFromHell, many of which showing Hunter Biden having sex with unknown individuals. On 10/24/2020, also released photos of a signed loan contract between Hunter Biden and certain Chinese lenders. These are potentially incriminating evidences for a corruption case against the Bidens. The purpose of these leaks, according to sources close to the two media platforms, is to provide evidence to American people that the Biden family is a real threat to the national security of the United States.

The overwhelming amount of potentially incriminating evidence released by and against the Bidens offers a rare opportunity for a regular guy like me to gain some insights into the dark side of American politics. Unfortunately the evidence and the stories behind them are extremely dark and cringe-worthy. 

Recalling in 2017 and 2018, Mr. Miles Guo repeatedly alluded to the fact that he possessed some information that could be “nuclear bombs”. This information could destroy some evil and powerful families who have been controlling China and deeply infiltrating the rest of the world. 

Miles Guo referred to this information as “the Pandora’s Box.” Back then, I thought I could imagine the content inside.  But since the Laptop from Hell came into light, I have come to realize that I was wrong! Nobody would have had any idea what it is or how dangerous it has been for Mr. Guo to possess such information.

A selfie photo of Hunter Biden released by

The following incident may shed some light.

On May 18, 2017, Mr. Miles Guo made a short abrupt live broadcast on YouTube. At the time, it appeared that Mr. Guo’s life was in great danger.  Many of his followers including myself speculated that the Chinese Communist Party wanted to kill Mr. Guo because he possessed secret material that could be used to take down some powerful families in China. 

Live in front of the camera, Mr. Guo stood side-by-side with his assistant and his attorney, Duncan Evans. In this short 1-minute broadcast, Mr. Guo told the audience that he trusted these two and the audience should trust them as well. Should anything happen to him, the two could be reached for more information.

The broadcast delivered a strong message to his enemies, in both English and Mandarin, that if they dare to kill him, the truth would still be exposed. 

In hindsight, Mr. Guo’s life was indeed in great danger. Thanks to the “laptop from hell,” we now have the opportunity to glimpse into “the material” that worried so many, not just the Chinese Communist Party, but also many elites in the United States.  

Naturally, we can imagine that Mr. Guo’s enemies here in the US may include powerful figures such as the Biden family, President Obama, and many others on Wall Street who profit from China.  The material from Hunter’s laptop reinforces this conclusion.  

According to multiple people I have talked with, it is a miracle that Mr. Guo is still alive in New York City. Did the Pandora’s Box jeopardize Mr. Guo’s life? Or did it prevent his enemies from killing him? Regardless, thanks to God that Mr. Guo is still standing!

The live broadcast is here on YouTube

We are just days before the 2020 Presidential Election. The Pandora’s Box has been opened. It is explosive like a nuclear bomb, and the world is no longer the same!

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