13 Days of Duel: Zuckerberg was discovered in Hunter Biden’s email

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More truth at: gtv.orggnews.org

On October 28, Lude Media of Whistleblower Movement revealed that Facebook founder Zuckerberg had appeared in Hunter Biden emails about investing in veterans’ projects in Native American Indian settlements.

According to Lude Media, Hunter Biden wanted to invest in a veterans’ project in a Native American Indian settlement in the U.S., the project must be approved by the local Native Americans and the government. The project was planned in three steps, the first step was that it needs to be approved by the local council, the second step was that the residents surrounding would be taken care of by the union, and the third step was that it would be sold immediately after the formalities were legal and taken over by Zuckerberg’s company. In the process, Hunter Biden used his father Joe Biden to easily handle the first two steps, and then sold to Zuckerberg, thus completing a round of power and money deals.

According to the emails, while the Biden family’s use of power for personal gain is obvious, it seems logical that Facebook would go to great lengths to block the scoop.

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