Bobulinski Sinks the Floundering Ship “Biden”

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I like to think I am capable of discerning an honorable and honest man from a crooked and lying one. Last night on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” I heard from the former, Tony Bobulinski (Tony), the former business associate of James (Jim) and Hunter Biden (Hunter).

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The interview proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee for President, is lying about not having any first-hand knowledge about the business dealings of his son Hunter and brother Jim.

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Tony has no political agenda, he does not need money, he is already independently wealthy. He has nothing to gain from revealing the truth about his business dealings with the Biden family – other than to clear his name.

It is instructive to outline his University, Navy and professional career. It tells us something about the fiber of the man. He is credible and capable – he is a former Lieutenant of the US Navy, and both his father and grandfather served in the Navy. He attended Penn State University without a wrestling scholarship and worked extremely hard, eventually earning a starting position and a wrestling scholarship for his junior and senior years and was selected as a team captain. During his University career, he was included in the Spiritus Lionus (an athletic and academic fraternity developed by student-athletes) and the Golden Key National Honor Society and was invited to become a member of the Tau Beta Pi fraternity. Tony received a scholarship from the Merrill Lynch Heisman Fellowship Program in 1995 and was named to the list of Ten Biggest Male Academic Athletes of the Year. Troy Sunderland, Penn State’s coaching assistant said of Tony “There’s a lot of guys that are so much more talented than him, but he works so extremely hard. He’s got so much heart. He’s a real team leader.” Tony is a mechanical engineering major with a 3.75 grade-point average and he was elected to the Dean’s List in 9 of his 10 terms at the university.

After University Tony worked as a Chief Technology Officer for Naval Nuclear Power Command in Orlando Florida and had a high-level security clearance. Later he became an entrepreneur and an institutional investor doing deals around the world and on every continent.

This man understands and lives the concepts of honor to the family, a duty to country, and military service for your country – as a privilege and an obligation as a citizen. He is an all-American patriot.

Tony came on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” reluctantly for the only reason to clear his family name. In short, Tony was recruited by the Biden family to help them structure a joint venture between their family holding company SinoHawk Holdings LLC and a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) controlled energy and finance company called CEFC China Energy led by Chairman Ye Jianming. Joe Biden has claimed that he was not involved with the business dealings of his son and brother. He has called suggestions that he was a “smear and Russian disinformation”.

Key points from the Carlson-Tony interview:

• Joe Biden’s assertion that he had no knowledge of his son’s and brother’s business dealings is a blatant lie;
• Joe Biden has not denied meeting with Tony in Los Angeles;
• It was crystal clear that Hunter Biden had briefed Joe Biden about the Chinese business between SinoHawk Holdings and CEFC China Energy before this meeting;
• The Bidens requested that Tony meet with Joe and they were recruiting him to work on the family’s China business prospects;
• The reference to a 10% stake “held by H for the Big guy” in an email from James Gilliar to Tony is a reference to Joe Biden;
• Tony asked Jim how are you guys getting away with this, aren’t you concerned about conflict-of-interest and your brother’s reputation? Jim’s response was “plausible deniability”.
• Joe Biden equated Tony’s revelations to Russian disinformation in front of the American public at the Presidential debate in Nashville, effectively accusing Tony of treason;
• When Tony told Rob Walker (Biden family lawyer and representative) that he would go public with what he knew unless Joe and Adam Schiff publicly retracted their statements tying Tony to Russian disinformation, Walker said “Tony, you’re just going to bury all of us man”;
• The reference to “The Chairman” in emails from Hunter is a reference to Joe Biden;
• In another email from Rob Walker, Rob states unequivocally that the reference to “The Chairman” is a reference to Hunter’s Dad Joe;
• Joe Biden vetoed a suggestion from Tony to create stricter Corporate Governance in the family holding company SinoHawk Holdings – in other words, Joe was not only aware and involved, but he was also in control;
• CEFC indicates in loan documents that they are loaning $5M to the “BD family” (the Biden family);
• Joe Biden is compromised by the CCP and as a potential President dealing with the CCP;
• Hunter was dealing personally with the Chairman of CEFC and acting as his counsel;

The Biden family went to great lengths to hide the fact that Joe Biden was intimately aware of the deals being done by Hunter and Jim with CCP-controlled firms in China, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and elsewhere.

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How is the mainstream media reporting this interview on the morning of October 28th?

CNN – their online front page does not have a single story about the Bobulinski interview. There is an entire section on how Trump “sells an alternative reality to win reelection” and Trump’s tax records.

ABC – their online front page does not report on the Bobulinski interview. The lead story is “COVID surge hurts Trump in Wisconsin”.

CBS – their online front page does not report on the Bobulinski interview. But there is a story there about “Ex-FBI special agent on election threat posed by Russia, China, Iran”.

NBC – their online front page does not report on the Bobulinski interview.
Washington Post – Nothing about Bobulinski but there was a story about “A spice boom has left manufacturers scrambling”.

New York Times – No reporting on the interview, but there is a lovely article about ‘working from home for 55 years”.

FOX News – predictably FOX news, the home of Tucker Carlson, features the interview prominently.

This voting season in the US will go down in history as the most dishonest ever. The mainstream media are 100% committed to electing Joe Biden. They are 100% disinterested in conducting actual honest journalism to investigate critical questions about whether Joe Biden is even suitable to be President. There are serious questions about whether Joe Biden is compromised by the CCP and would therefore be a clear National security risk to the US. There are also serious questions about possible criminality committed and sanctioned and orchestrated by Joe and his family members.

All of this is being swept under the rug by all of the mainstream media outlets making them complicit in these crimes and this threat to the United States. They have made themselves irrelevant. It is an abomination. I am seriously concerned about the future of the Republic, and even the future of our civilization unless we can eradicate the malignant influence of the CCP in the Western World. Because make no mistake, the Bidens are guilty of many crimes, but at the root of the infiltration and influence peddling and the compromised media at the heart of this story are the top kleptocrat families of the Chinese Communist Party.

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hunter Biden is a very evil guy

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He finally do the right thing.