The Biden Family, the WSJ, and a CCP Spy


Hello audience. In this email, a person named Bob Fenet asked Jim Biden, Joe Biden’s brother, “What does this do to the situation ?” — Jim Biden forwarded this question to his nephew Robert Biden (also known as Hunter Biden), Joe Biden’s son.

Bob Fenet’s real name is Bob Fu. He is an undercover Chinese Communist party spy. 

The situation he asked Jim Biden about in the email referred to an article that was published in the Wall street journal. The title of the article is “China’s Hunt for Critic Guo Wengui Roils U.S.”. The article was used to discredit a real Chinese patriot and an Anti CCP whistle-blower movement founder Miles Guo, the No.1 enemy of the CCP. 

The Bidens, what’s your relationship with the CCP spy Bob Fu ? 

How long have you been using the WSJ to push your agenda?

Who was behind the Wall Street Journey offering you a helping hand? 

How much do you usually earn for working with the CCP?

Do you know the damage you’re causing to your country, the United States of America? Or Do you even care? 

The American people deserve to know who you really are to decide if they will vote for you or vote you out.

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5 months ago

America was sold to the ccp by Biden family