10/20 CCP Virus Pandemic Updates Ep269

1. Regarding to the false statements of the CCP:

(1) The CCP media stated that the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) will continue to supply chips to Huawei.  In fact, on October 15, 2020, TSMC denied that it had received permission from the U.S. government to supply Huawei.

(2) Huawei stated that the reason of selling the Honor business unit to Digital China Group is to focuse on its development of the mid and high end smartphone market; however, the true reason is that, under US sanction, Huawei does not have enough chips to sustain its production.

2. As a result of the epidemic, flood and locust plague, the price of corn is expected to increase by over 40% before the end of the year, which leads to panic buying of the available supplies.

3.  On Friday, August 28, 2020, the Pentagon stated that the Trump Administration has confirmed that there are additional 11 Chinese companies that are either owned or controlled by the Chinese military, including China Unicom.

4. The bankruptcy of Harbin Bearing Group proved again CCP’s state-owned companies are not compatible with market ecnomy.  They only monopolize national resources in order to strenghten the Parti’s grip on power instead of improving lives for the people.

5. CCP’s propaganda encourages Chinese people to buy Huawei out of patriotism, but the reality is that there are more people in Apple stores than in Huawei stores.

6. CCP is used to brainwashing mainland Chinese and making empty threats to other countries: CCP’s regime keeps making military propaganda video to threaten the government of Taiwan, but it does not dare to launch an invasion across the strait.

7. On October 18, 2020, G-Clubs, one of services in the G-Series, officially went online.  It will usher in a new era of consumption for mankind.

8. (Gen. Jack Keane, with Fox News Channel, on the CCP warning to detain Americans in retaliation)

First of all, this was so-called visa fraud.

These are actually research scientists… associated with the People’s Liberation Army. They’re here to conduct espionage, they got caught at it and they’ve been arrested. They’ve done this kind of retaliation with the Canadians. Right now they’ve got two of them arrested, for a Chinese executive from Huawei who they have arrested and they also have done it with the Australians and the Swedes.

The difference is we’re arresting spies what China will likely do is detain Americans who have done nothing.

9. (Mayor Rudy Giuliani, 10/18) There are still about 18,000 texts and e-mails to go and 24,826 photographs.

That whole situation with the 10%, you don’t even need a witness to verify it, because… following that email… is an email in which they give out the keys to the new Chinese office.

The first key is given out to Joe Biden. The second key is given out to Jill Biden.

Let’s make sure, this memo says, that Joe and Jill get the first keys, and then it says 10% for the “big guy”.

The fact is he’s asking to be president of the United States and he was a partner as recently as a year ago with the Chinese Communist government of China, and his family has gotten I can count about USD 30 million in the last four years from the Chinese Communist government.

10. Drink down the CCP – Latest hit from Miles Guo

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