[China] Maoist Experience On Agenda, Again

Dec. 9, People’s Daily stresses CCP’s plans on how to deal with the crisis it faces in China.

The title says, “Improve the effective mechanism for correctly handling contradictions among the people under the new situation.” The long sentence simply means that CCP has met a problem ruling the country and it wants to settle the problem with the solutions listing in its article.

According to this article, CCP delivers 5 principles to settle the facing social and economic crisis. Principle #1. ‘Adhere to the fundamental principle of party leadership.’ Principle #2. ‘Adhere to the fundamental position of putting people at the center.’ What makes people shocking is that in the explanation of the two principles, the author appraises ‘Fengqiao Experience’ twice. The so-called Fengqiao Experience is a Maoist ideology in the 1960s, “Mobilize the masses and strengthen dictatorship against class enemies” experience.

“Mobilize the masses and strengthen dictatorship against class enemies” means to separate the mass into two groups, 90% of the mass are good, 10% of the mass are class enemies, let the 90% fight the 10%.

Therefore, Principle #1 means the Chinese Communist Party is going to lead a movement, Principle #2 means this kind of movement will put the ‘people’ in the center, a center of struggling to fight each other. It shows that CCP is probably planning to lead a new cultural revolution to delude Chinese from Hong Kong, Xinjiang, economic, and trade crisis.

Can the Chinese Communist Party successfully launch the new cultural revolution again?

Author: GM09
Souce: People’ Daily

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