Highlights of Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on 12/08/2019

Hong Kong protest is a good example for the mainland Chinese to follow.
03:50— The march in Hong Kong yesterday yet again shook the world. People around the world have underestimated how brave the Hong Kong people truly are. Just now, Miles had received intel from inside the Hong Kong government that about 1.7 million people joined the march yesterday. After America passing HK Human Rights and Democracy Act, European countries are poised to follow suit. The Tiananmen Square protests lost the fight because they only held on for three months. Had they held on for as long as the Hong Kongers today, which is six months, the movement might have ended successfully. The core of our Expose Revolution is still Hong Kong, and we encourage Hong Kong not to give up their fight for democracy. People around the world have been moved by the Hong Kong spirit and will continue to firmly stand with the Hong Kong people.

09:00—The Hong Kong movement proved to the world that the CCP is a shameless liar. The Hong Kong people spoke with their actions. The Hong Kong people are not violent extremists; they are defenders of freedom and agents for change.

12:30—Hong Konger are only protesting because the CCP had broken its promise to give Hong Kong full autonomy. Thanks to the internet and social media, the CCP is not able to bury the truth and fabricate stories about Hong Kong. The 1.4 billion Chinese have to stand up to show that they are not cowards too. A country that can’t protect its women is not a country that can defend its people. Zhang Dawei attained power through bribery in Henan, and his best friend is Yue Wenhai. Zhang constantly carries with him a pocket load of debit cards worth ten of millions to use as bribery. His boss is Premier Li Keqiang and Chen Yuan. Zhang has said that he controls Chinese men by abusing their women.

17:08—Zhang’s logic was that back then when Manchurians were in power, they half-shaved Han people’s hair and wrapped women’s feet. Their tactics worked and therefore the CCP’s way of controlling the people is to control the women and abuse the women, a privilege only enjoyed by the CCP. Yue agrees with Zhang fully. Zhang once had dinner at Pangu and tried to use 1.5 million yuan and a BMW car to lure a female intern into having sex with him. Unfortunately, the story didn’t end so well for her.

20:02—The same logic is used now by the CCP in Hong Kong. They pick on pretty girls and violently assault men. But the Hong Kong people will not cave into the CCP’s evil tactics.

23:06—The most valuable lesson from Hong Kong: to teach the mainland Chinese how to protest and keep it going. The CCP will be and must be exterminated!

What we will pursue when the CCP is exterminated.
24:28—When the CCP is exterminated, the first thing we need to do is to set up a democratic government and open China up to the world. China will gain international credibility and respect for its actions. China will welcome the world to come into China and the world will welcome Chinese people into their country. Chinese people will become just like Hong Kong people and be welcomed worldwide. It will take some time, however. The specifics are as follows:
1. Give the ownership of the land back to the people
2. Use the wealth stolen by kleptocrats to pay off all debt and provide free healthcare and free education.
3. Found a democratically elected political body more powerful than the US congress to have checks and balances in China. The political body should have the right to fire corrupt bureaucrats, and must be law-abiding and must uphold religious freedom.

30:01—If Taiwan had 10% of the courage of Hong Kong, they would be much better off now. Taiwan is under serious threat because of the BGY plan of the CCP.

Perseverance, righteousness, kindness, and honor are the keys to success in life.
30:45—Yesterday I went live with Iron Man, I want to add a few things to what was said yesterday: the Chinese people need to stay united, stay righteous, and treat one’s parents well. I am very moved by the feedback on yesterday’s broadcast.

33:32—The success of Lude lies in his perseverance. Being well-rounded is not as helpful as being especially good at one thing. Perseverance, righteousness, kindness, and honor are the keys to success. Some people like to daydream and are afraid of facing their problems head-on. The problem with China today is that the CCP has made lies better than truth, weakness better than courage. Their weakness is our strength.

43:50—I feel sorry for so many overseas Chinese who still wants to be the CCP’s running dogs. Yet very few Hong Kongers sold out Hong Kong in comparison.

44:46—I received a lot of inquiries about liquidating Chinese Assets for Foreign Cash, and have helped to make 10 transactions take place. This shows me yet again how influential the expose revolution has become. It will take some time to reply to all of you so please be patient! Miles and his team are only responsible for matching willing buyers to willing sellers and are not taking any commission for their service.

49:36—GMedia might start running ads during live streams in the future. Miles feels a little bit regretful that he had been so focused on the Expose Revolution that he didn’t own any shares of GMedia. However, when Gmedia goes to the public there will be an opportunity for everybody to purchase stocks and make money. We have to really see GMedia for what it is and what it’s potentials are. Many media companies now want to cooperate with GMedia!

52:05—Iron Man has gained almost 160 thousand views on his video which have earned him a handsome amount of ad revenue. The future and the potential of GMedia is unlimited; many investors are putting in vast amounts of money for ad revenue. A lot of professional media cannot compete with GMedia because of Mile’s personal influence and support. Lude’s show is the most famous show among all Chinese-speaking media.

59:27—Miles didn’t get to the bottom of things when he tried to share his views on fashion and food yesterday on Iron Man’s live broadcast.

61:24—The Expose Revolution is now leading the public opinion in China. A lot of our supporters help spread the news in China. I encourage everyone to stand out and speak up using social media. Seize the opportunity provided by Expose Revolution to have your own channel on GMedia and you shall make a fortune.

Live Broadcast Link: https://livestream.com/accounts/27235681/events/8197481/videos/199669304
Chinese Summary by GM56
Translated by Little Prince
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