Hong Kong Police Commissioner: Observe the Flag-raising Ceremony in Beijing

The newly appointed Commissioner of Police, Chris Tang Ping Keung, was in Beijing on a courtesy visit. He went to Tiananmen Square to observe the flag-raising ceremony in the morning of December 7.

Whereas the media from Hong Kong was not informed of Tang’s itinerary to the flag-raising ceremony, Tang spoke to China’s media and he revealed that it was his first time to attend the ceremony so closely and he felt very excited about the power of China.

The Hong Kong police commissioner also expressed gratitude to the PRC’s Ministry of Public Security for their support for the Hong Kong Police Force’s strict enforcement of law. He added the morale of the Hong Kong police is high and they will follow the new motto of “Serving Hong Kong with Honour, Duty and Loyalty” to serve the community.

Tang and other officials later visited China’s Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office. They also exchanged with the Minister of Public Security and State Councillor, Zhao Kezhi in the evening.

Chinese official Zhao said the Beijing and the Ministry of Public Security are always the reliable back-up and the shield of the Hong Kong Police Force. They will continue to firmly support the Hong Kong Police to strictly enforce the law. Zhao also praised the loyalty and duty of the Hong Kong Police Force.

According to the Public Security Head in China, the sacrifices and experience of the Hong Kong Police Force have strong and crucial values for maintaining law and order and the stability of Hong Kong, safeguarding citizens’ lives and properties, and defending “One Country, Two Systems” and national security.

On the other hand, Jimmy Shum, the convener of the Civil Human Rights Front, slammed the HK police to reflect on their wrong-doing, and urged the Government to establish a genuine Independent Commission of Inquiry. He believed the Police Force should review and reflect on the internal problems

Source: The Stand News


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Dec. 08, 2019