Jimmy Shum slams the HK police to reflect on their wrong-doings

The Commissioner of Police, Chris Tang Ping Keung, said the Civil Human Rights Front should condemn violence if there were any violent incidents. Jimmy Shum, the convener of the Civil Human Rights Front, responded that “Tang should remind himself first”.

He added, “Many international human right experts suggested that the police brutality has already violated the humanitarian baseline.” He controverted, “if Tang dares to condemn the Police Force”. He said apart from courage, conscience and wisdom are equally important. The lack of any of the three would become stupidity. He believed the Police Force should review and reflect on the internal problems. The violence in Hong Kong is merely the last resort to the crackdown by authoritarian as Hongkongers are peace-loving. Shum urged the Government to establish a genuine Independent Commission of Inquiry.

Shum could not estimate how many citizens would join the Human Rights Day March. If there are more participants than expected, their volunteers will communicate with the Police to request widening the path of the March. Minimizing the direct interaction of Police and citizens was the only way to keep the March peaceful and calm. He hoped the Police would reflect on the lack of trust. He believed the March would be peacefully started as there are many District Council Elects attending and the citizens will not put them at risk.

He further emphasized that Hongkongers’ will and determination will be reflected in the March, “Even after the District Election, Hongkongers have not given up the Five Demands, and they will voice out in the street. Tomorrow (8-Dec) will be the last chance for Carrie Lam to listen to the voices of Hong Kongers and respond.”

Latest news, 800,000 Hong Kong people participate in the parade on December 8.

Source: InMediaHK


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Dec. 08, 2019