Highlights of Miles Guo and Iron Man Live Broadcast on 12/07/2019

Sharing personal experiences, thoughts on Expose Revolution, wealth and fashion.
00:00—Iron Man has explained that his net worth is about 100 Million. He also told the story of how he has found out the true story of manipulation and deception behind China’s stock market and decided to liquidate his holding worthy of tens of millions. He encouraged young people to learn more about the Expose Revolution so that they can better understand their future and plan for their future. We have to live through the day that the CCP is exterminating to embrace the brand new world.

04:30—In response to Iron Man’s question about how Mr. Guo has gained the respect of so many Middle Eastern Prince and Princes: There are a dozen Princes and Princess who are very good friends with Mr. Guo. One of the Princes bought a second hand Boeing 747 from China Airlines and modified it to be his first private jet. He later became friends with Mr. Guo in Dallas. He once traveled with Mr. Guo on a trip through many countries. One of the things he found most surprising of Mr. Guo is that Mr. Guo never mentions the price of his things and lives happily and freely of the strains of materialistic vices. He tried to learn a thing or two from Mr. Guo to better balance his priorities in life. But unfortunately, he was put under house arrests by his brother not long ago.

11:27— Iron man: I heard that in Shanghai there was a dinner that cost 40 some thousand yuan, what is Mr. Guo’s opinion on that?

Miles Guo: if the caviar is black or white, then it is fake caviar and not top of the shelf for sure. If it is just the main dishes that cost 40 some thousand, then it surely is some expensive meal. But if alcohol and drinks are included, then it is no rare case. The most expensive part of a fancy meal is alcohol, followed by tobacco, and caviar is very expensive as well. Seawater fish, sturgeon fish, and caviar from Russian are also expensive. The best of caviar is gold-colored ones, followed by transparent ones. The black and white ones are the worst.

The Caviar from the sturgeon that lives in the inner sea of Iran is also delicious, but they are no longer produced because of legislation protecting them in Iran. In 2010, Miles purchased 1.5 tons of caviar from Iran, valued at a market price of half a million USD per kilo. In Shanghai, they would sell for 5000 USD per 50 grams. 80% of Chinese caviar is from Qian Dao Lake, about 5 USD for 50 grams. Haliotis is ranked in three rankings: red and naturally born ones are the best.5-11 heads for 80-150k USD per kilo. If it is five heads, then coupled hundred thousand dollars per kilo. Dalian produced Haliotis is worthless. So in conclusion that meal is worth no more than 30k. The best piedmont white truffle is not from Italy.

21:12—Iron man: Why does He Linle respect you so much for your memorizing abilities?

Miles: It is essential to have good living habits. Don’t focus too much on superfluous things. When Miles was in Northeastern China, he takes cold showers every day. Now he takes turns between hot showers and cold showers and sleeps before 12 to guarantee maximum productivity. Don’t drink too much tea after drinking alcohol. When you look at things, you have to get your logic clear: when you are looking at the menu, you will first look at the main dish section before you order the food. Miles explained how his story with He LinLe.

26:22—Iron man: Mr. Guo is quite a connoisseur of the fashion and luxury industry. A lot of designer Hermès that Miles has in his possession is not even for sale in China. I want to chat about fashion with Mr. Guo.

Fashion is about self-confidence. There are two types of people: the kind that leads and the kind that follows. The successful people will lead because they can set examples, like jeans or turtle necks(Steve jobs). Fashion is about your radius of influence; if you can yield enough respect, then you can lead fashion. Miles then explained the origin of chrome hearts and his take on fashion trends in China and abroad.

Miles’ secrets in becoming successful in the business world.
42:30—Miles Guo: The secret is being a man of his words. Miles told two-storied to show how important it is for him to keep true to his words, no matter the cost, which has earned him the ability to control vast amounts of wealth without bearing the actual ownership of them. Fang Zheng is the Biggest Fraud in finance.

Accounts receivables are the biggest financial scams in China. Mr. Guo has first handedly experienced how Chinese companies and banks write off receivables to defraud depositors tens of billions of dollars. End of 2015, Miles imported 1.8 tons of caviar through a Hong Kong importer. But the shipment was never delivered by the Hong Kong company because the CCP demands bribery. Although they violated the contract, Miles still paid them regardless. Later, the same company went public, and among the investors was an investment fund from Japan and Miles Guo. That was right before the 08 financial crisis, and Miles had initially bought the shares on account with receivables, which he paid off promptly a year after.

The Japanese friend of Miles invested 3 Billion USD with him and made 7X return on his investments, of which Miles took no profits but instead asked for the right to borrow money whenever he needs it. Miles’s Japanese friend is so grateful that he promised Miles that he could supply Miles with 2 Billion USD whenever miles needs it. Miles later asked the same friend to send 550M USD to Agriculture Bank of China and 900 some million USD to a company in Shenzhen, and he did it without asking a question. Miles both trusts and is trusted by his partners, which has been fruitful for everybody. When Miles left China, he not only left all of his assets there but even took back 20 Billion to save his workers and family, as proved by court documents.

His company is the best of all companies in China, with only 20% of its assets comprised of debt and the pure rest equity. Liu Yanping once said that Miles is the only person in the world who can mobilize 10 Billion USD with one phone call. Miles encourages everyone not to get frustrated with their problems and face it head-on, keeping in mind that the future is always hopeful and bright. Self-confidence, righteousness, and being a man of his words are the most valuable treasure in this world. Miles only did these three projects and never took a penny from the CCP.

59:32—The most dangerous is to make a quick fortune. Miles built his fortune step by step. The problem with all of these so-called democracy activists is that they just want to make a quick buck. They don’t think about the future. Miles encourages everybody to use the process of making money as a chance to enhance and bet her yourself.

00:61:10— Iron Man concludes yet again that only the complete extermination of CCP will ensure that every one of us has a chance to try our luck at making a fortune. He also said that you must have an unyielding belief in yourself, a sense of justice and honor, and the most important thing is credibility.

How did Miles plan the Expose Revolution and lead the CCP to its inevitable demise?
00:63:40 — Miles explained that he had been preparing for Expose Revolution for nearly three decades. He is willing to give up everything he has for the complete dissemination of CCP, even if the mission demands his life. The evil kleptocrats of CCP abducted his family, his workers, tortured them, and abused them. Even though Miles has expected it all to happen, it still pains him to see such sins committed.

He vowed to make the CCP pay for its sins since the day he was jailed for his support for students during the Tiananmen Square protest and has been making true his words ever since. The photo album was given to Miles by Mr. He documented Miles’ incredible journey. All of his sacrifice and his secret pandora box also proves his determination.

World Bank loans have gone to fund concentration camps in Xinjiang.
84:40- Miles Guo: The CCP asked to borrow 10 billion USD from the world bank at its conference. It is so illegal and enraged in the US. The inside of the world bank has been defeated by the CCP’s BGY plan. All of the loans went to the business of kleptocrats and building concentration camps and jails.

90:00—World Bank loans that are supposed to help fund education and public health went to build concentration camps and crematoriums. Chinese per-capital GDP has already breached the 8000 USD threshold, and the world bank should cease funding China.

90:45—The world bank incident is no small matter even when compared to the soon-expected arrival of US aircraft carriers in Taiwan and HK.

91:02—World Bank will be kicked out by WTO.

91:10—A secret meeting in World Bank a year or two ago: Miles first-handedly experienced how corrupt officials in Henan and Shanghai misallocate funds from the World bank.

91:42—A major pusher for change in world bank is Kyle Bass, a man who once doubted miles but is now trying to wake up the rest of the world.

92:20—The poverty of the Chinese people is taken advantage of by the CCP to further attack the people.

92:39—The west is threatened by Wang Qishan’s weaponization of the Chinese market and the access to it.

93:10—The world bank is one of the major fronts for the CCP to secretly undermine the west and disrupt their markets.

93:24 —NGOs of the world will carefully review every dollar it has ever lent China; the kleptocrats will pay and be held criminally responsible for their misuse of funds.

Word of appreciation to Miles’ late mentor and his late mother.
Revealed that HNA Wang Jian is really dead.
94:30—Miles recalled his friendship with Mr. He and thanks him for being one of the most important teachers in Miles’ life.

105:40—Miles honored his mother in remembrance of her love and support for Miles throughout his life.

109:25—In a little bit, Miles will have a meeting where he will see the horrifying pictures of Wang Jian’s corpse. He died indeed. His underwear is blue, the shorts he’s wearing also doesn’t match the witness’s words. Pink shirts and blue jackets. When he died, all of those were gone. He must be murdered, and the CCP must have forged evidence!

111:53—Miles prayed to God and said that he is fulfilling his purpose. He wants to let his mother know in heaven that he is winning and that he is waking up more and more people to fight against the CCP’s evil; he will win, justice will win, and the CCP must be exterminated.

Link: https://youtu.be/qgZ_UYJh9iE
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