Miles Guo Exposes CCP’s World Bank Scandals On Dec. 7th

While Mr. Guo took the interview on MIZ show this Saturday morning, he answered the questions about how CCP got World Bank loans and how it used for their own pleasure as well as for enslaving its people. His remarks were translated into English and paraphrased in the following paragraphs:

The day before yesterday, the World Bank (WB) held a quinquennial meeting to determine the framework for funding developing countries. On the agenda these developing countries only include Philippines and small African countries. All of a sudden, Chinese representatives interrupted the agenda and submitted a 200-Page application for a $ 10 billion loan, which was against the normal procedure since China can’t reapply the loan until next year. It also involve complex processes before the final decision can be made for China’s application. Only two persons had the authorities allowing China to skip the queue and to have its application included in the agenda. One is Steven Mnuchin, the US Treasury Secretary, and the other one is the executive vice president of the WB.

Such an unusual move has drawn quick attention from the White House and the Congress. Both were shocked and enraged. Congress insisted a developing country is defined as one with GDP $6,000 per capita; while China now has GDP $8,000 to $10,000 per capita, it is not qualified for the loans.

A Congressman called Miles Guo ans asked about where the WB loans to China have gone. ‘What do you think?’ Guo replied with the question. The WB loans can only be used for the projects such as the constructions of public facilities, lifting people from poverty, disaster relief, and public health service. All the usage of the loans must be traceable, and the loans must be paid back at due times. The congressmen suspected that the loans have been used for building the concentration camps in Xinjiang, the repressive infrastructures in Hong Kong, and some institutions that serve the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) government.

Guo ascertained that 90-99% of the WB loans have been spent in the CCP kleptocrats’ families businesses, private real estate development, and personal enjoyment. The remained have been used to build the concentration camps in Xinjiang, prisons in Guangxi, and new crematoriums to cremate the deceased Hong Kong protesters. Most loans have been acquired in the name of improving education, but China does not have single world-class university. It does not have a single primary or high school funded by the WB. All the loans that China has acquired from the WB have been used in the wrong places.

People also questioned whether China had paid back the WB loans or not. For a small part, yes. Communist China cheated WB by borrowing more loans to pay its old loans. It intended to cross out the most of its loans from ledgers when it completed the alleged projects. China should have been disqualified from the WB loans as developing country years ago. Nevertheless, the CCP has entirely compromised the WB with sinister means such as bullying, honey trap, and bribery. The latest aberrant loan application implies that the CCP is indeed short of US currency. It is so desperate and feels no shame by claiming itself as a developing country. It doesn’t respect the proper procedures at all.

Guo also admitted that he was invited to give a closed-door presentation at the WB last August. He has witnessed how Shi Faliang, the Director-General of Henan Transport Department, Transport Minister Of China, Shangxi public transport, Shanghai motorways have misappropriated the WB loans and where they spent the earning from the loan-funded projects.

Based on his personal experience, Guo wants to inform the WB that the 1.4 billion Chinese people have been held as a hostage by the CCP. To obtain the loan by taking advantage of the poverty and physical disabilities of the Chinese, the CCP has weaponized WB loans to repress its people. The poverty of the Chinese people has made China the largest market to the western world. Unfortunately this market is defined by Wang Qishan, the vice president of China, as a nuclear weapon against the western world in terms of market access control. Consequently, the WB has been the CCP’s biggest accomplice to threaten the western world by helping CCP control and foster market access. The WB must acknowledge the truth.

The CCP must be held accountable for the evils it has done by using the WB loans. All NGOs, financial authorities and the WB must scrutinize and audit every single loan that the CCP has got from the WB and other funding providers. All the CCP kleptocrats’ families must be held accountable for fabricating the information, and they must return all the embezzled monies. Those who committed their fraudulence must be penalized as well. European countries and others should join the US and take action together.

Miles Guo emphasized in the end that the massive scandal of the WB is as significant as the Hong Kong humanitarian crisis and the forthcoming stopping of US aircraft carrier in Taiwan. The Hong Kong protest has initiated the collapse of the CCP regime as the first step. The next step would be that both WTO and World Bank shut China out of their organization.

By Guo Library and GM 12

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