The central government will always be the ‘strong backing’ of the Hong Kong Police, says the minister

According to the website of the Ministry of Public Security, the State Council and Minister of Public Security Zhao Kezhi met with the Hong Kong’s police commissioner Chris Tang in Beijing on December 6.

The People’s Daily Online reports that the central government and the Ministry of Public Security will always be the “strong backing” of the Hong Kong Police Force, and will continue to firmly support the Hong Kong Police Force in strict law enforcement. The ministry also expressed the hope that the Hong Kong Police Force and the Mainland public security organs will “strengthen cooperation, and deepen the communications” to safeguard national security and social stability in Hong Kong jointly.


Why the communist central government always talks about their topics and concludes that their decisions are always decent for caring about the civilians? If the people are allowed to speak up their opinions and spread the truth freely, there will be no room for this arrogant authoritarian.


Source: The People’s Daily Online, HKFP

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Dec. 07, 2019