Pro-Communist willing overturn any election that is not good for Beijing

Pro-Beijing, pro-police supporters who were mainly middle-aged and elderly held a rally in Wan Chai. Waving the Chinese national flag and singing the Chinese national anthem, participants called themselves “patriots”.

They openly defamed pro-democracy protesters as “cockroaches” and “trash”, and accused the newly-elected pro-democracy district councilors of using “unscrupulous means” to win in the recent election. 

The group claimed that the pro-democracy groups obstructed many people from casting their vote and demanded a recount in constituencies where pro-democracy candidates had won.

The crowd also showed their pro-police stance and called for enactment of Article 23, a controversial anti-subversion bill that was shelved after half a million took it to the street in 2003.

The pro-police, pro-Beijing crowd vented out their anger to the media. Journalists were abused, as they were pictured and hit with the Chinese national flags. The crowd also held up posters that read “we hate fake news”.

Meanwhile, it’s reported that HKUST denied on election result of Student Council Member.

Two months ago, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) held its Student Council Member Election, in which Miss Fu beat her pro-Beijing opponent by a record-breaking 1000 votes. Despite the landslide victory, the school delayed the appointment over its claims of alleged electioneering from the Student Union and started an investigation in which results were promised to be released on October 1.

Since then no comments or results came out. The school eventually declared its denial to the election results and announced re-election in the next semester, arousing widespread discontent among students.

The Student Union made a statement on December 5, condemning the school’s behavior of blaming the Student Union for the lost of the pro-Beijing candidate, comparing the action with the pro-Beijing politician Starry Lee who had falsely attributed her election loss to black-clad protestors besieging polling stations.

The Student Union anathematized the school with “turning a blind eye to the public will”, and announced they will submit a list of high-level school officials to the Higher Institutions International Affairs Delegation to call for sanction from the international community.

It is noted that refusal to include a full-time student-elected in the School Council was against the HKUST Ordinance (Cap.1141) Article 9(i).

All this shows the hypocrisy of pro-communists,they disregard for public opinion. They are doing dirty things such as election fraud and spending money to buy votes, but they spread rumors of legitimate elections, questioned the legitimacy of the elections, and attempted to overturn the election results.

Source: The Stand News and RTHK


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