Do scientific journals that endorse Biden, really care about science?


As 2020 Presidential Election approaches, ‘Listen to the science’ has become the main criticism on President Trump’s performance in handling the COVID-19 pandemic. The President was relentlessly criticized by the mainstream media for knowing little science and showing little respect for scientists. This criticism was further intensified as he mocked his opponent Joe Biden’s declaration that he will to “listen to the scientists” during a campaign rally in Nevada on October 18th, 2020.

When ‘science’ gets into politics, is it still science?

The Lancet, touted as “the world’s oldest and best-known general medical journals” on Wikipedia, recently published a series of editorials dimming the future with a re-elected Trump administration and endorsing the “wanted” Biden administration (The Lancet on October 19, October 24, October 1; The Lancet Public Health on October 1; The Lancet Oncology on October 1).

Two other prestigious journals, Nature and Science similarly endorsed Joe Biden. A popular science magazine Scientific American even stated that “we’ve never backed a presidential candidate in our 175-year history—until now”.

As the Biden’s family scandal continue to unfold, these endorsements rais d serious question about how much these scientific journals value science over politics. The unfortunate reality is that under the capitalist system, the latter is what guarantee the continued government funding for journal subscriptions.

The same scientific journals looked away from cover-up and double standards

The CCP virus (known as the Covid-19 virus) pandemic is a science related public health issue but the scientists failed their job. The WHO, which is supposed to be apolitical on public health issues, failed to warn the world about potential virus outbreak until it was too late. In fact, on January 14th, they insisted that “they had conducted an investigation but found no evidence” (below).

Screenshot from Twitter:

In the first television interview of Dr. Li-Meng Yan, a defector who worked for the Hong Kong WHO reference lab, Dr Yan exposed that the WHO helped the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) cover-up the truth of Covid-19 in the early stage of this pandemic. In particular, Dr Yan had informed her WHO supervisor – a top scientist in the lab – about the human-to-human transmission back in late December 2019, however the WHO was still denying it in their twitter announcements on January 14th 2020.

Soon after Dr. Yan’s message was delivered through Lude Media on January 19th 2020, the Chinese authority admitted human-to-human transmission, followed by a tweet by WHO which admitted that  “there was evidence of limited human-to-human transmission”.

Screenshot from Twitter:

To date, none of top journals and magazines condemned the WHO for its involvement in covering up the truth of Covid-19, in collusion with the CCP.

Another example of blatant politicizing is the attempt at suppressing the truth about Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate (HCQ) tablets being a useful drug for Covid-19. A number of American frontline doctors discovered since March 2020 that HCQ was useful as a safe, outpatient early treatment for Covid-19 as well as as a prophylaxis.

However the media ignored studies that showed that HCQ has promising results for early treatment, and instead focused on flawed studies. One study that was subsequently retracted by the Lancet, was the basis for the FDA to revoke its emergency use authorisation for HCQ to be used for Covid-19. The retraction did not result in the reversal of this FDA decision.

Screenshot from twitter:

Some scientists such as Dr. Fauci of NIH, argued that HCQ could not be used as a Covid-19 treatment because it has not been proven to work on a randomised controlled trial, the so called ‘gold standard’. However the same scientists advocated for a new drug, Remdesivir, which does not meet this ‘gold standard’ either. Remdesivir costs over $3000 per treatment course compared to HCQ which costs $20 per treatment course.

Joe Biden opposed travel ban then admitted it worked

It turns out, that the candidate that top scientific journals endorsed, Joe Biden, did not always ‘listen to the scientists’ either.

Back in March 2020, Joe Biden in his pandemic response plan did not include any travel bans on any country. In fact, Biden implied at a press conference that President Trump’s travel ban on China was based on favoritism and politics rather than risk. The full transcript of what Joe Biden said on March 2020 can be read here .

Joe Biden opposed to the China travel ban despite the clear support for it even by scientists like Dr Fauci. In retrospect, many who opposed the ban initially, including Joe Biden, admitted that President Trump’s banning all travels from China was the right policy.

Did Joe Biden listen to the scientists?

Did Joe Biden listen to Dr Yan when she exposed that the Covid-19 virus is a man-made virus? Dr Yan has published two scientific reports (report 1, report 2 ) that so far had over a million views on Zenodo, but there was not a single mention by Joe Biden.

Did Joe Biden listen to front-line doctors who warned that lock-downs is a cure that is worse than the problem (the pandemic) itself? Joe Biden has continued to advocate for lock-downs ‘if the scientists recommend it’ (source), but has chosen to ignore the words from doctors who have good understanding on the virus.

When Joe Biden said he will ‘listen to the scientists’, he meant the scientists who agree with him only.

The 2020 Presidential Election is indeed one of the most important elections for the US and the whole world. President Trump should certainly ‘listen to the scientists’ but he should listen to scientists from all sides.

Author: River | Himalaya Scholars

Proof-reader: XO酱

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