Silent Invasion From The Chinese Communist Party

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Every generation of Americans are proud of the sacred constitution created in 1787 by embodying the separation of power, which has clearly defined the Federalism and three branches of the federal government: the president, the legislative and the judicial. In further details, the constitution safeguards the freedom of media, civil rights and liberty. It also regulated the nationalization of the military force and provided the citizens with the rights of possessing weapons legally. The constitution of the United States of America has served not only the milestone over the history of mankind but also the foundation to make the US the greatest, not even one of, nations on the planet. On July 4th each year, Independence Day, a large number of celebrities usually gather at the White House and read the constitution.

It is really hard to believe that the most powerful nation is currently standing at the edge of being defeated by the CCP without taking a close look at every single piece of fact presented by the Whistleblower’s Movement initiated by Mr. Miles Kwok. The facts regarding the underground close relationship between the CCP and Biden’s family has indicated a long-run and detail-oriented layout of CCP’s infiltration over the United States.

Started in 1989, after the Bush government compromised the slaughter activities engaged by People’s Liberty Army at Tian An Men Square, the CCP began to make lots of efforts on building closer relationships with the United States. At that moment, the American Elite Class and the government raised the point of view that the CCP will move towards a real democratic system eventually with the rapidly growing economy. As per Mr. Kwok, there are two major milestones over the CCP’s layout of infiltration mentioned above: membership admission into the WTO via the class of developing countries and the host of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Over the 30-year period starting from 1989, without considering any essential human rights, the CCP took the advantage of the massive hard-working but relatively cheap labor force all over the country and made huge amounts of foreign currency reserves. Unfortunately, such large foreign currency reserves were used to bribe the government officials who were involved in the key decision making or deliver benefits to those crucial economic (e.g. Wall Street, Silicon Valley) and cultural sectors (e.g. Hollywood) that are able to impact the key decision making in the United States rather to improve the well-beings of Chinese people. 

Today there are even American politicians such as Barack Obama and Joe Biden who are placing their own benefits over the constitution, the democratic system and American people. They were even willing to sacrifice the key benefits of the nation to cut under table deals with the CCP. Under the cover of a number of corrupted American politicians, bankers and even lawyers, the CCP was able to distribute the monetary poison via various methodologies into the Congress, the Whitehouse, the military, the financial institutions, the media and even the judicial. Is the foundation built over the constitution still solid and effective?

Every single citizen of the United States, please ask yourself a few simple questions: is there still a way to save the country you care about from the CCP’s invasion? Is there still a way to make the country you love to become great again? Is there a way to rescue mankind on the planet from the CCP virus, as what your nation did in the 1940s? Hopefully all of you might already have the answer: Trump 2020, TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!  

Author: Lily

Translator: Neal

Original opinion article by Himalaya Farm Vancouver – 2020/10/28 

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