Muffled cries: How evil the Chinese Communist Party is!


-In the eyes of a small potato working for years in mainland China.

When I took my family out of China not long ago, I was relieved. I left China because I foresaw imminent problems there. As described by my lawyer friend in mainland China years ago, Chinese people are sitting on a volcano that could erupt at any time because of the reckless evil CCP (Chinese Communist Party).

My lawyer friend told me that working as a prosecutor in China was the darkest period of his life: “I came to know how corrupt and dark this regime is. It’s like a taint that could never be washed away from my memory. I hate CCP. I hate the Chinese regime. An explosion is inevitable. I hope it’s coming soon. “

He invited me to WeChat (like Chinese Facebook) groups where small videos, short articles, pictures, and comments were shared exposing the dark side of CCP’s dictatorship. We saw police beating up and cruelly arresting poor people, and other terrible incidents showing the moral breakdown in China. Those chat groups were shut down due to censorship, but those images were branded upon my brain forever.

When I was little, I often saw my father weeping with my aunts and uncles during family gatherings including holidays. Eventually, he told me the reason yielding to my constant bugging.

It’s a distressing story about the radical and anti-human communist class-fight in 1950’s in China. A man was often dragged out to the streets and whipped by communist party members. His sons and daughters were forced to kneel beside him to watch. He was labelled as a class enemy of communism just because he worked as a judge in a court before CCP “liberated” China in 1949. He was repeatedly defamed, humiliated, and beaten publicly for years. The whole family was abused in countless ways which led to his wife’s suicide in 1959. She threw herself into a well to end the shame and suffering. The political persecution was endless as the family members were disallowed to find any decent jobs in the next 20 years. They could not even take a job to repaire bicycles. The man died in the 1970’s. His last words were: “I, on my conscience, never did a bad thing in my whole life.”

Land owner purging in China in the 1950s’. This picture is not related to the author’s family.

That man was my grandfather. And his wife was my grandmother. I never got a chance to hug her. The only thing remained of her is a picture, an image for me to travel through time in my imagination to meet her. It haunts me that my grandmother was murdered by CCP. I hid the thoughts that CCP was an embodiment of a bloody devil while I was living under its reign. My despise of CCP could not see the light of day until I came to know Miles Guo through this live broadcasts.

My emotion fluctuated like a roller coaster as Mr. Guo exposed the ugly truth about CCP through “Expose Revolution”. I was dumbfounded and angry. I shouted and cried. I suspected initially but finally believed. Now, I am very confident that CCP will be disintegrated, and justice will served by turning every element of CCP into ashes. Without CCP, the 1.4 billion Chinese people and the whole world will embrace freedom and peace.

Miles Guo’s brilliance is to separate CCP from China and the Chinese people.

Miles Guo awakens the world to the dangers of CCP. His brilliance is to separate CCP from China and the Chinese people. CCP has been viciously planting, cultivating, and engraving this concept of “CCP-is-China” into the brains of 1.4 billion Chinese for 70 years. CCP kidnapped China and its people to gain bargaining power both internally and externally. Guo’s revelation is a game-changer and its ripple effect is beyond the comprehension of the top CCP kleptocrats. Even though China is poisoned by CCP, there is still moral doctrine, faith and value bequeathed from generation to generation. So the Chinese people refused to be represented by the CCP.

The separation of CCP from the Chinese people is like a powerful avalanche destroying CCP’s legitimacy.

In China, most people begin to realize that CCP is nothing but a meat grinder. Nobody is safe including the radical cadres at the top. Internationally, more and more countries and organizations started to see CCP’s threat to the world and its ambition of global hegemony.

I must express my gratitude for Miles Guo for risking everything to bring us the truth!

Yang Gailan committed suicide after killing her four children due to extreme poverty. The suicide rate of the Chinese women is the highest in the world. Her husband also killed himself after he buried them.
  • CCP has brutally killed more than 400 million Chinese since 1921 through wars, radical communist class fights, one-child policy, and countless suppression. Because of the blood on CCP’s hand, now they plant their 2nd and 3rd generations of legitimate and illegitimate descendants to control China to avoid prosecutions. The more crimes they commit, the more efforts they put in to stay in power.
  • CCP confiscated all the land ownership by force when it took power in China. It then redistributed them among the kleptocrats and their families. CCP sell houses built on the robbed land back to the Chinese people at skyrocketing prices with only 70-year-ownership. The land itself is still owned by the CCP. The houses were built at such a low quality that some may not even last for 70 years. The way the Chinese people are treated by the CCP is like they are bred just to be enslaved and robbed over and over, generation to generation.
  • CCP pretends to favor free market and private business. It is just a lie to get capital and investment from the outside world to prolong CCP’s reign. CCP’s economy was on the brink of collapse forcing it to abanon Soviet-Style economy through central planning. But as soon as China became the 2nd largest economy in the world, CCP is returning back to the central planning model by nationalizing privately-owned companies. So CCP never really adopted a free market economy.
  • CCP redistributes power and wealth under the name of Anti-Corruption. The members of the top 500 kleptocratic families are billionaires. Everyone in the top 10 kleptocratic families is trillionaire. They rob money mercilessly from the 1.4 billion Chinese including destitute people like Yang Gailan, who killed herself and her four children after the government took away her meager subsidy. There are still 500 million people living in extreme poverty in China without any hope of pulling themselves out of poverty, because all resources are controlled by the CCP kleptocrats.
  • CCP brainwashes Chinese people with a lie that “China will be in chaos without CCP”. Through 70-year media control and tyrannical ruling, many Chinese have the misconception that “CCP is the only choice for China” better described as Stockholm Syndrome.
  • CCP savagely suppresses any form of democracy including freedom of speech & religion within China. It is even a violation for ordinary people to talk about political decisions made by CCP, let alone religion beliefs held by Uighurs, Tibetans, and Christians, etc. Those brave enough to stand up against CCP were punished severely.
  • CCP is showing no mercy for its people including protestors in Hong Kong. CCP shamelessly labels Hong Kong protestors as “rioters”. CCP never made any concession in its 70-year reign. Instead, all criticisms of CCP were put down by murder and persecution. So Hong Kong protest is no exception. What’s different in Hong Kong is that CCP’s brutality was broadcast live thanks to the freedom of press in Hong Kong.
  • CCP squanders the wealth accumulated by 1.4 billion hardworking Chinese both at home or abroad. CCP controls and owns all the Chinese banks, and it can take any amount of money from the banks to spend in any way they like. CCP also prints money nonstop causing high inflation to dilute the hard-earned money of the working people.
  • CCP expands oversea economically, financially, militarily and politically through BGY (B=Hacking, G=Bribery, Y=Sexual Scandal). Even though CCP’s ambition for global hegemony is deep-rooted in Chinese ancient history, Chairman Mao set this evil goal as soon as CCP took power in China to surpass Britain and the U.S. as a world superpower. CCP never gave up this crazy goal of dominating the world. In fact, everything it does gears towards this goal. As China’s economy grows, CCP no longer hides its ambitions. Ironically, the West is helping CCP’s high-tech enslaving of the Chinese people and its global hegemony. For example, western capital and technologies are equipping and funding CCP’s military and its one-belt-one-road initiatives.

I hope that more people in the west can realize CCP’s evil nature under its mask and spread the truth about CCP’s danger. The Chinese people have been fighting against the CCP for 70 years in various forms. Now we work hand-in-hand and shoulder-to-shoulder with peace-loving friends around the world to fight against CCP, because the CCP already started a war with the free world through unrestricted warfare. Without the financial and technical aid from the West, CCP’s house of cards will collapse soon.

By Chili Potato

Editor: GM35

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Dec. 07, 2019