The Farm: CCP Espionage and Spycraft: The Infiltration of Global Institutions

The CCP infiltrates and sponsors both legitimate institutions and criminal organizations in its pursuit of world domination. Many legitimate global institutions that were established in the wake of WWII have been corrupted to the core by the CCP. When the United Nations, the World Bank, and the Triads are all answerable to the same master — it is time to assess how these organizations were infiltrated, and how they can be contained.

The UN took months before making a statement about Hong Kong — and then claimed that “both sides” were responsible for perpetuating violence instead of simply condemning the CCP. We see this common form of “doublespeak” in many Western media outlets.

For us, this argument and premise is flawed. One side is simply resisting oppression, tyranny, and ultimately the harvesting of their homeland. It is clear that the CCP cannot be trusted when the public good is concerned within its own borders. The CCP certainly cannot be trusted to manage our global financial institutions. According to Kyle Bass, Founder of Hayman Capital, the World Bank has also been completely infiltrated at the highest levels. He states that Communists control key points of management. The Managing Director, Treasurer, Head of HR and Head of Ethics are all direct agents of the CCP.

The amount of fraud that can be perpetuated with this level of infiltration is unimaginable. This indicates a sophisticated operation, designed to ultimately control the purse strings of this organization. In fact, Kyle claims that when Pascale Dubois (the Head of the Integrity Department) discovered massive fraud in the China Railway Construction Corp (CRCC) and sanctioned it, Shaolin Yang (Managing Director, and an agent of the CCP) fired her immediately. What this indicates is that the CCP has already defrauded investors of untold billions of dollars via the World Bank. In fact, it’s likely that some of this money was used to build out the camps in Xinjiang, as previously discovered by Shawn Zhang. The World Bank gave money to Xinjiang to build schools in an impoverished area of the country, and the CCP has converted these schools into “re-education camps.”

It is not only legitimate institutions that have been infiltrated by the CCP. In July, the CCP hired a mob of Triads to harass and then attack innocent people with weapons. In collusion with the local Hong Kong Police Force, who were deliberately delayed in their response time to the incident — despite receiving thousands of emergency calls — the CCP was able to demonstrate that it can weaponize violent gangs and criminals. This sponsorship of criminal activity is not something that the world can tolerate. This act should be considered terrorism by Western standards, and the individuals associated with it should be sanctioned accordingly.

Going back as far as 2002, there is acknowledgment of deep Triad activity in the area of Yuen Long — and there is no indication that the CCP has had any intention of slowing this organization operating with impunity within its own borders. This demonstrates a long term history of cooperation between both the CCP and the Triads. It can safely be assumed that the Triads are deeply involved in criminal activity like extortion, drugs, and violent crime — and therefore the CCP is involved in these activities on a mass scale. It is also safe to assume that the CCP not only infiltrated this organization, but that they are likely one and the same — operating symbiotically and parasitically. This gave the CCP a massive global presence, complete with drug proceeds, and includes activities conducted right here in the United States. We would encourage our governments to specifically target this organization with enhanced law enforcement activity.

In total, this paints a grim picture of infiltration across a variety of institutions and organizations with global reach. Through their infiltration efforts, both international criminal syndicates as well as legitimate organizations with ostensibly good intentions have been corrupted to the core. If the UN, the World Bank, and the Triads are, to varying degrees, all controlled by the same entity — the United States has a moral obligation to starve this entity of its funding sources.

Author: Halliburton

The Farm: Current Status of Hong Kong

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Dec. 06, 2019