Questions for Senator Ted Cruz

October 27, the peaceful protests against a CCP spy and fake pastor, Bob Fu, in Midland, Taxes, has reached the 23rd day. The protestors are not backing down until all their queries are answered. On October 20, we wrote An Open Letter to Mayor Patrick Payton, Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Marco Rubio, asking for explanations about their comments on the protests.  So far, we haven’t received any response from any of them. 

Today, Bannon War Room Ep. 459 showed a video clip of Senator Ted Cruz’s interview on American Election. During the interview, Sen. Cruz commented that in last presidential debate, Biden saying “My family and his family, they don’t matter. What matters is your family” “may have been Biden’s best moment”. Sen. Cruz also didn’t believe that Biden’s votes had been moved. 

Almost everybody would agree that what matters is our families. (Maybe a crime family doesn’t.) But we do NOT agree with Sen. Cruz that Joe Biden had made a good point there, because to protect our families and take care of our kids, the First Family in America, the family of the American leader, matters tremendously. We need to choose a leader from a family with certain level of integrity, honesty, diligence, kindness, capability, and, most of all, care for us people. The morality and behavior of this family significantly affects the happiness and peace of our families. If people see a candidate that acts far from this standard, their votes must and will move. The CCP wants people to believe the votes are not moving, because it gives them a chance to manipulate the election with, say, disinformation, fabrication of mail-in ballots, threats, bribery, cyber attacks, etc.. 

The Biden Family are colluding with the Chinese Communist Party. Evidence shown from Hunter Biden’s computer has been released on,, Bannon War Room, Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense, The National Pulse, New York Post, The Gateway Pundit, Gab, Parler, besides relevant U.S. government departments, congresspeople, and many medias all have received a copy, according to sources. 

Evidence of Biden Family Ties with the Chinese Communist Party Through Fundraising 

(For more information, please visit )

To us, it is obvious that the Bidens are selling out the American people and stealing from the Chinese people. A drug addict with greed for money and sex and access to the White House is just the prey of the CCP’s “Blue-Gold-Yellow” scheme and a tool for the CCP to penetrate into and erode the U.S. government. Those who are still ignoring the evidence and risks, deliberately or not, all give us a reason to pin a question mark. 

Sen. Ted Cruz has always been outspoken in criticizing the CCP and defending the benefit of the American people. With all duel respect, we want to ask Senator some questions. 

As more evidence is coming out showing the CCP’s collusion with the Biden family, what actions would Sen. Cruz consider taking? Is he in support of President Trump as the Trump Administration, Mayor Giuliani, Mr. Bannon and their teams, together with the anti-CCP “Whistleblower Movement” and the New Federal State of China, are fighting against the CCP? 

Sen. Cruz tweeted on Oct. 8. Would he talk to the protestors and provide them with a response? 

Today, in War Room, Mr. Bannon mentioned that Sen. Cruz’s wife works or have some association with Goldman Sachs. Considering Goldman Sachs’ alleged long-term and deep relationship with the CCP, would Sen. Cruz please clarify that? Just a concern from the tax payers. 

Lude Media: Hard Drive Content Exposes US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin’s Collusion with Xi Jinping

We sincerely appreciate Sen. Cruz’s work as Senator in terms of his effort to combat CCP’s influence in Hollywood and others. We look forward to his responses. 

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(Opinions are authors’. Thank you for reading.) 

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