Rep. Tom Suozzi:Holds China responsible for Uighur persecution

On Dec. 3, Congressman Tom Suozzi (D–NY-03) spoke on House Floor to hold the CCP accountable for its repression of the Uighurs and actives disregard for international law. He said that

The so-called re-education camps in China where Uighurs are forced to work in food, textile or manufacturing jobs in or near the mass internment camps are of course repugnant to our values and violate human rights. The brutal religious-based persecution of the Uighurs in China is alarming but it’s not new.

China has continued to repress anyone who does not conform to their system, including Tibetans, Christians and of course the people of Hong Kong as we’ve seen in recent events.

Source: Rep. Tom Suozzi


Translations:【GM31】 Subtitles:【GM56】

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