Biden Campaign Insider: Some Workers & Volunteers Have Quit And Felt Ashamed

According to an insider’s description in 4chan, “This campaign is over.”

Here is the content of the post:”Nobody is talking about it but the look on everyone’s faces says it all. This campaign is over. I feel ashamed to have campaigned for Joe and I’m not the only one who feels this way. Several campaign workers & volunteers have quit showing up over the last few days. It’s basically like a ghost town here. After I make this post I’m leaving too and never coming back here. Joe is corrupt and his family has serious issues. There is no way Joe is going to win this election. We have made so many phone calls and knocked on so many doors. Many people basically tell us to fuck right off but most of them they will listen for a few seconds and then tell us they are not interested but the way they say it you just know they would never consider voting for Joe. There is something really strange about all of that.I have campaigned for over 10 years and this year is so much different with the way people are responding to us. Anyways I thought you guys might like to hear it from the horses mouth. Helping a little bit to expose all of these lies is the least I can do before I leave this campaign behind.”

The CCP’s Joe runs for US president is the continuous scheme to control America through communist infiltration. Corruption! People need to know the truth to stand up and be the owner of their lives. Don’t let COMMUNISM coming to every corner of America.

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