Far From The Truth: Police Pirate Photo and Distort Fact in Promotional Material

United Social Press (USP) published a statement on December 5 condemning the Hong Kong Police Force for the infringement of copy right and the distortion of facts.

A photo taken by USP on November 2 was appropriated by the police in their promotion material without clearing any copy right. To make the matter worse, the police provided an untrue caption to the photo to mislead the readers.

The police claimed in their poster, “police officers have no time to have dinner because of their work”; however, according to USP’s original description, the policemen in the photo collasped after inhaling the tear gas deployed by the police.

These policemen inhaled the tear gas just cause of not wearing a gas mask in time. So terrible! The suffering of ordinary Hong Kong people can be imagined, and it is chilling to think about it.

Original post by USP


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Dec. 06, 2019