A Letter to our American Friends

Dear American friends,

The photos and videos you have seen these days are just the tip of the iceberg.

For every photo and video, only the relative parties know what it means and I hope they can awaken. Don’t go to the dead end with the devil CCP. There are only two choices waiting for them: Either stand up to fight for justice and get God’s forgiveness, or accept the ultimate judgment of the law. Benevolent God hopes that the relative parties can come out successfully, stop colluding with CCP and being threatened by CCP, it is CCP using money and transcending humanity’s pornography to BGY the world. People’s shortcomings are used to bind them with the CCP together and manipulate them to achieve the purposes of the CCP.

If all the contents in the hard drives are released, many will cause huge psychological trauma to people, even make us doubt the universal values and the foundation of this country, and involuntarily think: What happened to this country? What’s wrong with our faith?

The huge impact of the contents is like when you wake up and find aliens appearing in the streets.

For those who have been participating in the CCP’s programs, have you thought about the consequences? Will CCP let you go if the world enters the darkness of CCP? CCP will kill every participant in the plan just like killing Wang Jian of HNA. The best thing CCP can do is to “kill the donkey after unloading the mill”. Think about the future of your family, think about your own future, wake up!

American friends, America needs to be great again. For our children and grandchildren and the future of our families, we need you and America needs you. For justice, make the sacred choice for the next step.


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灭共52165 新中国联邦

ccp is very evil

6 months ago

take down the ccp, God bless the kind people



为子孙爱七哥农场(七星会)由国旗喜币策划设计团队发起成立,总部位于美国纽约曼哈顿。 我们坚信(并以此为使命)郭先生所倡导的正道主义是人类的新信仰,而且会成为新人类的信仰,当地球不适合人类居住时,人类会把正道主义信仰带到新的星球,永远传承。 我们的价值观是子子孙孙铭记郭先生,世世代代感恩郭先生。 我们的目标是建立中国人的契约精神和正道主义信仰。 Oct. 27