Highlights of Miles Guo’s Livestream on 05/12/2019

0:00- The guest speaker on Lude’s show last night very accurately exposed the truth about the CCP’s actual military capabilities. The soldiers under the CCP’s rule know nothing more than jerk off and are not at all capable of fighting a 21-century war. The CCP rules by deception, which means that in case of a war, China would suffer huge causalities. It won’t be the sons and daughters of the CCP corrupt officials that will lose their lives, because they are all abroad! Rather, it will be the sons and daughters of the ordinary people who have been lured into joining the army. If you really love the country then you must also love peace. I hope that those who are aware of the CCP’s true nature will not become the casualties of the CCP’s evil intention.

05:40 – I agree with Doctor Xiong’s opinion that we are lovers of the Chinese people, but we firmly oppose the CCP’s tyrannical rule. I do not expect the US to retaliate against us at a future time. It is great to see so many supporters come out as our fellow anti-CCP fighters and what they are doing – speak on the social media is very influential! But I urge everyone not to follow the path of Sasha Gong, in which she appears to support real democracy in China yet stabs us in the back by secretly working with the CCP.

09:04: I hope more people can come out and speak on social media to against CCP boldly. There will be more like Lude, Inty and many others who are helping to spread the truth about the CCP. 13:20- A lot of very important events happened in Europe recently. Although there had been some betrayals, it won’t be serious enough to threaten the quickly-shaping global power alliance that firms oppose the CCP’s aggression. I have suspended all of the Rule of Law Foundation’s partnership with Brazil because of insider have told that Brazil had been secretly working with the CCP. Iran, Turkey, and North Korea will and must fall, in ways even worse than Tunisia.

15:40 – I hope everyone can come out and expose the evils of the CCP in their own capacity. We are entering the next stage of our fight against the CCP. Sasha Gong, by virtue of her betrayal to our goal and to the Chinese people- has tainted her own name. She is no different now than any of the running dogs that are working for the CCP. These people act as proxies for the CCP and frequent harasses and threatens overseas Chinese who support democracy. Moreover, these hypocrites always make baseless bragging about how much they have “done” and “Turkey Gong” even went as far as claiming credit for the formation of the Committee On Present Danger on China – how ridiculous! In fact, she won’t even have anything to do with the committee had Mr. Bannon not made the introduction for her to join!

21:20 – over the last decade, not a single Chinese had been able to stand up for democracy in China and be fully accepted by Western mainstreams. This is truly a tragedy for the Chinese people. We should no longer be unwillingly represented by such hypocrites like Sasha Gong. The CCP’s corrupt officials and their disgusting, sociopathic lifestyles make me feel nauseous. Every word that comes out of their money is a disgusting lie.
Livestream Link: https://youtu.be/1dFI5ZuYmpI

Chinese Summary by GM38
Translated by Little Price

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