13 Days of Duel: Hunter Biden’s emails during Xi’s 2015 visit to the U.S. – a look at the Biden family’s “getting rich” journey

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On Oct. 26, Mr. Miles Guo revealed an email in a Getter of Gtv from Hunter Biden dated July 29, 2015, related to arranging Xi Jinping’s visit to LeTV’s Los Angeles company during his visit to the United States. At this point, the Biden family’s road to “make a fortune” has opened.

According to the emails, during Xi’s visit to the U.S. in 2015, LeTV CEO Jia Yueting made a request to Hunter Biden through Wang Xin (Wang Qishan’s illegitimate daughter) about arranging a visit of his Los Angeles-based company for Xi, or if that was not possible, then arrange for Jia to be able to speak at any of the meetups that Xi attends. Joe Biden has been trying hard to distance himself from Hunter Biden, but Hunter Biden never worked in the White House, so how could he arrange a visit for the president of the United States without Joe Biden’s assistance?

The email mentions that the matter of a one-time consulting fee to be paid to BHR by LeTV is already under discussion. It can be seen that Hunter Biden not only made a huge fortune in the early stage of signing loan contracts through Lee Hsiang-Sheng, but may have also become one of BHR’s core shareholders and continued to grab wealth through his father’s influence.

The email also mentions that BHR and its shareholders will have the opportunity to co-invest with LeTV and the Beijing Automotive Group, and that this cooperation will mark the beginning of a long-term, comprehensive partnership with LeTV, and the opportunity to participate in all of LeTV’s future activities. At the time of LeTV’s development period, it was clear that Hunter Biden’s dirty hands are ready to reach into it.

In 2017, two years later, LeTV completely faded from the limelight. Whether there are more shady stuff in between, pleasestay tuned to Gtv and Gnews.

Original link: https://gtv.org/?getterid=5f959afae7d0c633dede7470

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