Lude Media Daily Live Broadcast English Record 10/24/2020(a)

00:00:22 Lude:

Analysis of the topic of this issue.

00:02:22 An Hong:

The UK intends to open the BNO visa from January 31, 2020.

00:03:11 Dr. Mo:

1. The number of deaths from influenza vaccination in South Korea has increased to 48 today.

2. The Communist Party of China added 28 new cases today.

3. Kashgar Airport is currently shutting down a large number of flights, canceling Kashgar’s local information and police information providing that local people should pay attention to wearing masks.

4. NBC’s smear of our Lutheran agency, and CNN’s smear of Dr. Run a while ago. I want to talk about my own point of view. This point of view first proves that even as a world-class and large American media, CNN and NBC have been unable to avoid or ignore the authenticity and influence of Dr. Lutheran’s information.

5. Now that the hard disk and the epidemic, we might as well say that we are all standing on the point of history in the future. Only if the truth is not broken, this kind of rivalry scene will make this kind of rivalry scene controversy heat up public opinion again, and it will help us I think it might be a good thing to break the news of the revolution and expand the influence of information assists.

00:06:50 Lude:

1. Mr. Wengui has always played against him in the New York Times. Our Lutheran program has already been, and NBC has come out. The CCP also knows that those people are no longer useful and have spread to the entire English world. The two absolute islands of information in the Chinese world and the English world are finally broken by us.

2. President Trump gave a speech at the Florida campaign rally yesterday. All the content basically verified 924 our program. I just want to say that President Trump has definitely seen it himself. He said that Adam Shiff also plausibly said that Biden’s laptop computer is from Russia, and it seems that everyone is blaming Russia. But in fact it does not come from Russia. The Director of National Intelligence has already said that this does not come from Russia. I call it a laptop from hell. There are still many things in the laptop, and sometimes there are more things that people haven’t seen yet. He said that fighting against this kind of corruption was one of the reasons I wanted to run. It’s just that generations of traitors came to power, just like Joe Biden repeated betrayal of American workers. This is what we said before, this hard drive includes not only Joe Biden, but also previous governments.

3. Giuliani said that the Republican Party is also in it, and the Republican Party must not think why the Democrats said that he had paid for him. He thought he was in the Republican Party and was with the Bush family in Midland, Texas. This will all be exposed.

4. Several generations of presidents have ruined the lives of millions of American families, and at the same time they have robbed millions of wealth for their families. Since when Biden went to the CCP, then Hunter Biden suddenly got several billion in assets. Then he went to Ukraine and got the so-called board salary of 83,000 yuan per month, which means that Hunter Beit has always been knowledgeable in energy, but he doesn’t even know anything about it. This is the one in the front row. The young man probably knows better than him. It is the kind of black box that we talked about before lobbying the US government and getting money directly from it.

5. There are many facts that can be cited in the hard disk. This is a kind of corruption that no one has heard of.

6. Ukrainian prosecutor. The U.S. government promised to fund the U.S. Ukrainian government with 1 billion U.S. dollars to do what kind of natural gas projects, and the 1 billion U.S. dollars was given to the government. He was not specifically given to this institution, and then the prosecutor would investigate the corruption that hated him Biden, and then Joe Biden said that he would stop allocating the 1 billion U.S. dollars, and then the Ukrainian government let it go, and the prosecutor asked He stopped investigating. The first billion dollars here went to the hands of the Ukrainian government, but in fact it also went to the hands of this group of country thieves in Ukraine. Then everyone looks at all the natural gas projects. The US government paid for it, and then the group of people in the middle benefited. The taxpayers of the common people of the governments of these EU countries pay him, and the Russian government sells oil and natural gas to this side, and transfers it to the middle. Then the CCP helps him become legal, and illegal money laundering. In the end, is such a process.

7. President Trump only talks about Biden, and he doesn’t want to talk about Hunter Biden, so all things related to Joe Biden are discussed by President Trump.

00:15:03 An Hong:

1. The scene in Florida was crowded with people, and the scene was like fire like tea.

2. It is impossible to obliterate these actions and words of President Trump.

3. It is fortunate to know that President Trump has been emphasizing Joe Biden and insisting on his own views. There is a strong backing and conclusive evidence behind him. Fortunately, there are several other guardians who help him on other entrance guards and on the road.

00:18:20 Dr. Mo:

1. These generations of American presidents happened to be the 30 years since the CCP flourished. In fact, did these generations of presidents of the United States actually have evidence in these hard drives and in Biden, including whether their vice president and the then Secretaries of State were all involved in this interest group? All evidence is in the hands of President Trump.

2. One of the points of President Trump. Joe Biden used American money to fill his own pocket with American tax money. This is very important to American voters during the election process.

3. The entire investigation of Hunter Biden in the entire incident is actually an investigation of his father Joe Biden and the entire Biden family. Don’t escape the catastrophe just because he is now a presidential candidate.

00:20:57 Lude:

1. President Trump all comes from the hard drive.

2. Mr. Giuliani said that the law enforcement agency did not take any action, but only to cover up, and the law enforcement agency covered up all of this. He took out the file. So in the end this kind of result, the matter of Hunter Biden, is misled by the media here. You can still run for the president of the United States here. This is the result. You are the only people who can save this country. I personally cannot save this country. He said that I have tried my best. Although I have been prosecuted for all kinds of insults and threatened in ways you can’t imagine, all this makes me proud of myself. This paragraph was absolutely shocking. I was such a strange guy in his speech. He said that my father raised me like this. The Mafia failed to stop me, and the Colombian Revolutionary armed forces failed to stop me. Islamic terrorists also failed to stop me. And these low-level garbage can’t stop me. I don’t know how this bunch of trash got into the White House, but we don’t want them to occupy the White House. Americans have common sense and dignity. You must stop these people. You must go out to vote, vote him down, and drive them away. I tell you I promise that I will do everything I can to solve the current problem and let us no longer be censored. So we can drive these ugly politicians out of Washington. Regardless of whether the Republican Party or the Democratic Party, he clearly stated that there are only a few bad guys. This person can be traced back to the Clinton era. He is not only a Democrat, although he is mainly a Democrat, and not just a Democrat. Let us clean up these people. Let me really drain the swamp. Because we now know how serious he is, I never imagined it would be so bad. Thank you very much for your attention. I ask you to continue listening because there is more information. I will try my best to provide the most relevant information. Let us finally pray to God quietly, may he save our republic from this corruption Depravity and disaster.

00:28:39 An Hong:

1. Giuliani bears a temporary infamy, but in the end he will be definitely recognized by his wiseness.

2. The old man has given his life a step up. From the Mafia to Colombia, to the Islamic Guard, the challenge now may be another extraordinary opponent in his life, this opponent we have so far Finally, I can roughly see the face.

00:30:55 Dr. Mo:

1. Mr. Giuliani is now facing a more dangerous situation. He is not sitting in the FBI headquarters or in the White House or other places, but in the Trump Building in Washington DC, which is protected by the Secret Service. It shows that these places he stayed in before may be unsafe, and he himself revealed this in his speech.

2. At the same time, he pointed out that he is like Mr. Bannon. The more ferocious and arrogant you are, the more he will fight with you. This is basically a declaration of Giuliani to the evil forces.

3. This is a very strong message, a little bit tragic, that is to say, at this time, an 80-year-old man is required to drain the swamp, surrounded by these shoddy blenders. I believe that Giuliani already has a clear list of actions and categories, but when will it appear, and when will it be possible to act? We will wait and see.

00:33:06 Lude:

1. According to reliable conditions, the day President Trump was infected with the virus mainly made many of his arrangements for Giuliani to make arrangements for him. So this one comes out. Now he vowed to be here and the more important one is the Republican Party. He also said the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.

2. FB worker is a tool, this tool is very powerful, this tool can be said to return to the hands of President Trump.

00:38:49 An Hong:

1. Giuliani was then able to help President Trump at key points, whether it is to make plans or to assess the situation, it has played an incomparable role.

2. If we can’t go back very far, because of the evidence in the hard drive, then it is very likely that the one we can see is Clinton, the other is Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Vice President Biden. The names of these four people were clicked, and it is very likely that they will be seen in the innermost or on the pillar of shame in the future. As a result, they have their names.

00:41:33 Dr. Mo:

I think what Giuliani said is very similar to what Mr. Trump said just now that the president said. The hard drive comes from hell. There are two meanings. The first is the foundation of the hard disk. The earliest source comes from the region. Everyone knows that this region is the CCP. The CCP is a hell. This problem is very obvious. There is also a hard disk that records things from hell, and there are demons in the region, which means that this hard disk records some forms of things done by demons. So Mr. Giuliani not only provided the Democratic Party, but also mentioned the Republican Party. Another meaning is that his current role is justice. He surpasses the two factions of the US presidential election. What he faces is to safeguard the entire US justice and system and politics from certain foreign forces. And the internal corruption and the erosion of the dark forces. In other words, he is now fighting for the justice of the entire United States instead of supporting the campaign for President Trump. So at this time he has surpassed the presidential election. What is the name of the entire United States? The competition between the forces of light and the forces of darkness is actually a big improvement.

00:43:01 Lude:

1. Yesterday in the OAN show, this lady was called Chanel, and she was interviewed. In her program, he said that he watched the content of the video on the hard drive. He clearly told the host of OAN that the 14-year-old Biden family she saw was Biden’s granddaughter and Hunter Biden’s niece. In it, he said that anyway, what he said was that he only watched this part, and then made it clear that he was a 14-year-old underage. There were many pictures here that made him very, very uncomfortable and shocked her.

2. Now the American media is constantly verifying our things. No matter 924 or the following step by step, it is the same as 119.

00:44:50 An Hong:

1. The host, she said it directly. In fact, we already have enough certainty, which also shows that we have enough evidence. Do Americans believe what they say? We will wait and see.

00:47:46 Lude:

1. Yesterday I reconfirmed with Mr. Bannon that the video must not be played. Broadcasting to the public is illegal. Therefore, the CCP seized on this point, and the evil it has done to him is so extreme that you cannot promote it. In the end, judicial verification will do.

2. The internal politics of the United States have never participated, and we will always be the truth. The body is not afraid of the shadow leaning. Mr. Giuliani cleans up the Democratic and Republican parties, and we are going to clean up those overseas who stand with the CCP and enjoy the freedom of democracy in the United States. Here we are now aiming at squeezing our 1.4 billion people. Mr. Wengui said, we are here to bully us Chinese on behalf of the Chinese. Because there are Chinese people, Chinese women, and underage girls in this video. Chinese money, which of all Bohai Financial Holdings is not our taxpayer’s money. Our report has nothing to do with this general election, because it has something to do with what we call country thieves. It’s just that he is just a presidential candidate now.

00:53:38 Dr. Mo:

1. The views of the Chanel reporters are actually universal in the current American public opinion. As long as they have the opportunity to see the photos and the people who see the evidence, they will call and verify the truth. He must be someone who knows the Biden family. Everyone knows the Biden family, and then after seeing the photo, he can immediately point out the authenticity of the photo, which is a very critical point. Everyone who knew the Biden family saw these photos, but they actually became witnesses indirectly. This is why the New York Post posted so many photos to associate them with a family meeting. In fact, they clearly sent a message. The people in it are likely to appear in other key positions of the hard drive. Become strong evidence.

2. The real bigwigs and strengths of the United States and think that they have the true spirit of the United States, these people will wake up now, even if they have colluded with the CCP before and have exchanges with the CCP before, but as things progress, they will Reconsider their relationship with the CCP and reselect the team. This is why it is no longer a bipartisan battle, nor a presidential battle. Should the United States completely delink from China, or even a moment when the United States completely wiped out the CCP’s power in the United States.

00:56:54 An Hong:

1. Mr. Giuliani has done all the things he can do so far in his life, clean and do one thing beautifully. He dare to say that he wants to clear the swamp, then it will be able to clear the swamp.

2. It is recognized by everyone that the system of separation of powers in the United States is quite good. It is based on the fact that the entire nation is educated, religious, kind and honest, which accounts for the majority. So when someone of justice issues this kind of behind-the-scenes, I personally firmly believe that there must be no problem.

00:58:55 Lude:

An investigation report on the CCP’s blending of the Biden family. Joe Biden was bought by the CCP through Yang Jie Chi(杨洁篪), and Joe Biden was through Yang Jie Chi(杨洁篪). Yang met Joe Biden while working at the Chinese Embassy in the United States. In 2013, Joe Biden’s Bohai Huamei Equity Investment Fund BHR. The HBR was established by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The fund was established to exert influence on foreign leaders through Yang Jie Chi(杨洁篪) during his tenure as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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