Waves Keep Coming about Hunter Biden and His Family


Source from:GTalk

The following pictures and videos may cause you to be uncomfortable. 

Regardless, we want to show Americans and people around the world the real Biden family, and expose their ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Whoever cooperates with the CCP are our enemies.

We, the New Federal State of China, are united with American patriots to reveal the truth of the CCP regime and uncover the American traitors who work with them.  

These pictures only show the tip of the iceberg of how the CCP infiltrates and controls western politicians and their families. By blackmailing them with sex and drug-related videos, the CCP forces them to sell out their countries and people. The future is bleak if your country is controlled by these politicians who are under the CCP’s thumb. 

U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden is 100% controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. That is why his son Hunter Biden receives large amounts of wealth from the CCP.

The following pictures and videos clearly show Hunter Biden’s abnormal sexual habits and drug use. His family is totally under the CCP’s control, and poses a great threat to America’s national security. 

Now, we are waiting for the answer to the following questions: Who are the girls with Hunter in the pictures and videos? Who provided these girls to Hunter? Who took the pictures and videos, and where were they taken? What is the real story unfolding behind the scenes?  

Hold your breath. The full story is coming soon.

Source from:GTalk
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6 months ago

It’s just the beginning. 
Stay tuned!