Joe Biden is the Real President During Obama Era – LuDe reveals on Oct. 26, 2020

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An innocuous-looking picture from Hunter Biden’s computer, reveals a huge secret from Obama-era, according to the live cast of LuDe Press on October 26, 2020.
The picture (shown below), posted on GNEWS.ORG the day before, shows Hunter Biden and Barak Obama in the oval office, seemingly in a conversation.

Fig. 1, Hunter Biden and Obama in Oval Office

At a first glance the picture does not tell us much. “Just a regular visit to the President”, you might think. But when you pay attention to the body language of the people in the picture, something more interesting shows up.
Hunter Biden is standing with his hands crossed in front, in a more dominating posture, his eyes looking at Obama’s face, while Barak Obama seems to be leaning slightly backward, looking at something he is fidgeting with in his hands.
This picture reminds me of a teacher questioning a student who did something wrong, except this time, the student is — the US president!
So is this over reading the picture? According to LuDe, this is not over reading. In fact, there is much more information hidden in the picture.
Here are some more questions to ponder:

  1. Who took the picture? How did it get into Hunter Biden’s possession?
  2. Why is the camera not directly facing the President’s desk, like most of the media cameras do?
  3. What’s with the ‘unnamed’ label? Does it have other meaning?

LuDe reveals that contrary to the public’s believe, the real commander in the Whitehouse, during 2008-2016, was Joe Binden, not Barak Obama.
Joe Biden has a long history in Washington (since 1970s) and had long established political connections both in Washington and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in China. Barak Obama was relatively new to the political scene, and didn’t have as much influence as Biden did when he was elected President. In fact, he was just a front man for a Whitehouse controlled by Joe Biden.
LuDe reveals that Joe Biden controlled Whitehouse through the Secret Service and Chief of Staff, who mostly followed his orders.
During his time as Vice President, Joe Biden (along with his family members) brokered a 1 Billion dollar comprehensive deal between Whitehouse and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), with includes US selling out CIA agents in China to the CCP, and Obama looking the other way when CCP militarizing the South China Sea, and many others.
Much of the $1 billion paid by CCP goes to bank accounts controlled by Biden’s family members, with only a small portion of it actually goes to Obama.
The picture is actually taken from a video recorded by a hidden surveillance camera in the Oval Office, secretly installed under Joe Biden’s order. Barak Obama wasn’t even aware of the hidden camera, let alone the existence of the video.
The video (along with audio) was recorded so that Joe Biden can prove to Beijing that he has sealed the $1Bn deal. Hunter Biden also got a copy of the video, in case his father Joe does not give him his cut of the $1Bn.
All these information are mind-boggling, considering how much corruption there was at the highest level within the Obama-Biden administration, and how much it contradicts with our common believe.
However, these are the truth that will be proved with evidence, sometime in the near future.

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6 months ago

take down the most evil ccp

6 months ago

dirty Obama and Biden family. it’s terrible treason for Obama to accept Biden advice,to connive the southern China sea militarization of the artificial island, to exchange 1billion bribery from China communism party.😱