The story behind the scenes: Mr. Obama and Hunter Biden had a deal with CCP in 2016 regarding South China Sea

On 25 Oct 2020 Lude media uncovered the shocking story behind the picture of Hunter Biden meeting with Mr. Obama in Oval office white house.

On 1 April 2020, President Xi Jinping attended a leaders’ meeting on the Iranian nuclear issue under a sexpartite framework, in Washington D.C.

Xi informed Mr. Obama of China South Sea militarization.  After the meeting China unofficially claimed that the militarization had the silent permission from US.

On 4 April 2016, Hunter met with Mr. Obama in Oval office discussing the deal as shown in the above picture which seems to be a snapshot from a CCTV video. 25 hours later, a secret account of Hunter received 1 Billion USD from CCP. It is believed that Mr. Obama also received millions of dollars as award in a form of legal arrangements for his silent permission of South China Sea militarization.

Shockingly, Lude revealed that the video was taken by the “Big Guy” – Joe Biden who was the Vice President of America at that time. The tape was served as an evidence to CCP showing the mission was done. Subsequently, Hunter copied the video from his father secretly.

Now it is clear that how Hunter and Mr. Obama sold out American national security to CCP.

As what Miles Guo warned to the world in 2017 : “ The darkness is coming ”. Now more and more evidences are coming out and showing that some of the so called western elites are corrupted by CCP using bloody money from 1.4 billion Chinese people through ‘BGY’ program. Biden’s sandal is a typical example of ‘BGY’ program. Americans, Biden must not become the next President of the US.

More shocking videos are coming on and Stay tuned.

By 真相小蚂蚁

【The above content only represents the author’s own opinion】

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6 months ago

take down the ccp, God bless the kind people

6 months ago

You guys are f***ing up hard.
Release the ISO image and let the flood gates open.
MSM is NEVER gonna release it or cover it.
DUMP IT and stop releasing this idiot’s dick pics.


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