Joe Biden Using facial recognition to monitor the inside of the White House

【Japan Himalaya League】JPHIMALAYAwriter: 宇宙之泾  proofread: CCP擀面杖子

We all knew that the Biden family conspired with the Chinese Communist Party to sell out the interests of two countries and intelligence agents in return for huge personal gains. The Biden family operates through Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden, to do the inappropriate things will be alleged serious crimes.

These men steal these countries, a group of thievery, to hold through Bohai Capital financial group trade. Hunter Biden is a shareholder in Bohai Huamei company .Wang Xi is the illegitimate daughter of CCP’s vice chairman Wang Qishan. She is the company’s finance director.

Let us observe some of the details of the report from Miles Guo:

SMRA records show that HUNTER purchased 10% of BHR on October 23, 2017 (via his investment vehicle Skaneateles LLC) and was a director until April 20, 2020. Previously he was invested via other holding companies.

BHR’s current shareholders are Bohai Capital (30%), Shanghai Ample Harvest Financial Services Group Co Ltd (30%), Angju Investment (10%), Thornton (10%), Ulysses Diversified Inc (10%), Skaneateles LLC (10%). According to Chinese corporate records, the original owner of the US stake in BHR was Rosemont, Seneca Thornton, LLC with a 30% shareholding. This was split just under two years later into what is believed to be 20%/10% holding between Rosemont, Seneca, Bohai LLC and Thornton LLC. This was later changed again splitting Rosemont, Seneca, Bohai into Skanletes and Ulyssees. As Rosemont is the HEINZ KERRY vehicle and Seneca is the Biden vehicle, it is believed that the final split allowed HEINZ to exit the partnership divesting to ARCHER.

In summary, the Chinese government funded a business that , as it were, co-owned along with the son of a sitting US vice president and Secretary of State who was with high probability directly or indirectly invested in the holding company.

On May 7 – 8 2014, HUNTER visited China for the fifth time, for undisclosed reasons, according to FOIA records.

They heard about the multinational group laundering money and also passing it through China’s financial system to legalize the proceeds.

$1 billion within 26 hours in exchange for Obama’s acquiescence to Chinese Communist militarization of islands and reefs in the South China Sea.

Here we have a great problem: how much money did Obama receive?! And rather importantly:Who monitored Obama’s presence with a facial recognition system in the Oval Office White House? Our New Federal of the China’s media LuDe told us its from Joe Biden. 2020 the US Democratic party presidential candidate.

(All the pictures from G-TV)

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take down the ccp, God bless the kind people

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