Huawei’s Most Difficult Time Are Soon to Come

Amid blockade and sanction from the western countries, Huawei now is facing even bigger issues in China. One is the allegation against its involvement in the surveillance and detention of millions’ Uyghurs in Xinjiang. This has damaged its reputation. The second is the recent social discontent toward its retaliatory treatment of its former employees. That has made the Chinese public lost their loyal support for Huawei as it used to be national pride. But for quite long, the way Huawei exploited its employees using “9-9-6” has invoked big controversies. What “9-9-6″ means is that employees must work between 9 am to 9 pm each day and for six days of a week. There is even a sarcastic Chinese saying about Huawei’s exploitative management. It goes” once you work for Huawei, in three years you can afford a car; in five years you will buy a house, but in 10 years you will be ended up in a coffin”.

Miles Guo has exposed the truth about Huawei in 2018. He said anyone thought Huawei as “private or state-owned enterprises or having military backgrounds” are making huge mistakes. Guo has confirmed that Huawei is the PLA (people’s liberation army of the Chinese Communist Party) in his live broadcast. Such of his remarks on Huawei have been translated into English. It started at 22 min 48 seconds in the following video.

“Let me name some big companies in China,” said Guo “Norinco is doing weapon business; China Ordnance Equipment Group, also known as China South Industries Group Corporation. It’s also the shareholder of the Founder Group; Poly Group is doing weapon business too; Ping An Group is in the finance business; Huawei Group is the telecom and mobile device company; Alibaba, the big data company; Tencent and Wechat are the social media companies; ZhenXing Petroleum, and ZTE – these companies are top 9 players in CCP’s “Go-out Initiative” program. These nine companies are all 100% of military enterprises in China…. The leaders of all these companies including Ren Zhengfei, the CEO of Huawei all have three identities: first, each has his own military ID, Ministry of State Security ID and enjoyed the special treatment from both military and government; second, these people receive key support from the Chinese finance institution and protection at state level; third, they have the diplomatic privilege granted by Chinese Foreign Ministry”.

Thanks to Guo’s exposure, more government officials, intelligence, and military personnel of western countries, including U.S. Europe and Japan, have come to realize that Huawei, in fact, is the PLA. Its 5G network play out, and worldwide expansion can be considered as the direct military invasion by the PLA, that imposes an existential threat to the national security of western countries including the U.S. An exclusive report from Reuters recently revealed that U.S. government might escalate sanction against Huawei by banning its transactions from the U.S. financial system. This move can be considered as the United States’ most aggressive sanctioning tool against the Chinese company. To Huawei it means the doom’s day.

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