Steve Bannon and GTV Could Potentially be Responsible for Saving Western Civilization

史蒂夫·班农(Steve Bannon)和GTV可能将拯救西方文明

作者: 樱花团紧急任务翻译组

When the shock over the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop settles, America is going to be faced with the consequences of a failed “managed decline” of our Republic over at least 2 past decades.

当亨特·拜登(Hunter Biden)笔记本电脑内容而引起的冲击平息后,美国将不得不面对在过去至少20年里我们共和国失败的“管理衰退”的后果。

Americans are going to come face to face with the details of how Communist-inspired “Cultural Marxism” marched through the halls of our greatest institutions and handed over our civil liberties to power-seeking monsters.


It may be a tale for ages, and many countries who teeter on Freedom, like Hong Kong, watched as America almost fell to the Democrat Party’s Communist agenda. Activists in China, Hong Kong, Iran, Canada, and even Great Britain would secretly contact independent media and beg us to get their message out; that if America fell, they were dead.


Steve Bannon is a figure who stands in the doorways to many of these countries, and he casts long shadows deep into communities of those secret activists with his encouragement of them, talking about concepts- like the right to explore their own spiritual development and to live out their own freedoms.


Bannon has inspired more people around the world than he may realize.


Bannon is the ultimate Community Organizer, better than Obama could ever dream of being. Bannon organized GTV for Guo, and with his WarRoom podcasts and guests, ignited the freedom movement of Chinese immigrants in America, who see him for his determined focus on liberty.


This month, Bannon and Guo together are giving Americans the motivation to fight back harder against giants in Government, Media and Technology, because it appears that Guo has scandalous and perhaps criminal information on more people.


Sarah Hall for RedNation wrote about the Duo, Bannon and Guo of GTV:

RedNation的莎拉·霍尔(Sarah Hall)这样报道班农和GTV郭媒体这对组合:

“Hunter Biden’s alleged sex tapes and images showing him using drugs and engaging in sexual acts with several women have been uploaded on a Chinese digital video platform linked to Steve Bannon Saturday evening.


The videos and images appeared to be uploaded by a single user on GTV, which is a subsidiary of GTV Media Group, founded by former Trump senior adviser Steve Bannon and Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui in April 2020.

这些视频和图片似乎是由一名用户上传于GTV上。GTV是郭媒体集团的子公司。该集团由特朗普前高级顾问史蒂夫·班农(Steve Bannon)和中国亿万富翁郭文贵先生于2020年4月成立。

It’s not clear if the footage came from Biden’s alleged ‘laptop from hell’, but some images appear to be from a third party laptop.


But it seems that DOJ and Nancy Pelosi had this information since September and did nothing about it.


When the New York Post, on October 14, published its first report about Hunter Biden’s hard drive, that wasn’t the first time Hunter’s computer made the news. According to the Daily Beast, on September 25, a Guo-affiliated YouTube station uploaded a Chinese-language video announcing that Guo and Bannon had sent “sent three hard disks of evidence” to both the Justice Department and Nancy Pelosi.”

当《纽约邮报》(New York Post) 于10月14日首次报道了亨特·拜登(Hunter Biden)的硬盘时,亨特的电脑却已经不是第一次成为新闻焦点了。据《每日人物》报道,在9月25日,郭先生旗下的YouTube频道上传了一段中文视频,宣布郭和班农已经“向司法部和南希·佩洛西发送了三块硬盘证据”。

Now, the American Media and Big Tech corporations have been caught in hardcore censorship, which they can not deny. Without the work of Bannon and Gou, we might have never gotten to the edge of censorship and watched those CEO’s push the country over, like they did try to cover up the details of Hunter Biden’s laptop.”


Pelosi has appeared to be an untouchable figure all through the Obama years and Trump years, and now faces scrutiny she may not be able to run away from.


Andrea Widburg for The American Thinker, wrote in her article, Forget the Hunter Biden sex tapes. The real news is much bigger than that:


“GTV, a Chinese dissident billionaire’s Taiwan-based media outlet, is releasing sordid, depressing videos and photographs of a person purported to be Hunter Biden engaging in sex and seemingly smoking crack. That’s not the big news. The big news is that the same outlet claims that (a) Communist China owns Joe Biden; (b) Joe Biden sold out CIA assets in China who were then executed or imprisoned; and (c) GTV has millions of images showing other presumably influential people in comprising positions. If all this is true, we may see a complete realignment in Western politics,” Widburg wrote.

“GTV,中国一位持不同政见的亿万富翁的台湾媒体,正在发布一个据称是亨特-拜登的人与人发生性关系并似乎在吸食可卡因的肮脏、令人沮丧的视频和照片。然而这不是重点,重点却是同一家媒体还宣称(1)共产主义中国控制了乔·拜登(Joe Biden);(2)乔·拜登出卖了中情局在中国的线人,这些人随后被处决或监禁;(3) GTV有数百万张图片显示了其他可能有影响力的在不同职位的人。如果这一切都是真的,我们可能会看到西方政治的彻底整顿。”维德伯格写道。

“The Hunter Biden videos and images are at GTV’s video site. I won’t give the link here because the material is pornographic. However, the following are two cropped pictures. In both, the person appearing to be Hunter is naked and with a woman. In the second picture, Hunter appears to be lighting a crack pipe while engaged in sexual activity with the woman,” she wrote.


What is emerging from the terrible details of Hunter Biden’s laptop’s contents is how far gone Washington DC really has become, with how much DC insiders have prioritized their personal business dealings over the needs of the American citizens.


Gone are the traditions, values and culture that Americans and others held so dear. Gone are the services we once had, and almost gone were the perks of being a citizen of the United States, all things that were demolished by the Democrat Party since people like Pelosi, Biden and many others were in DC, handling power.

失去的是美国人和其他人所珍视的传统、价值观与文化。失去的是我们曾经拥有的福利, 以及即将失去作为美国公民的优势, 自佩洛西、拜登和许多其他在华盛顿掌权的人开始,所有这一切都已被民主党摧毁。

So now all of the Americans who have lost so much, through no fault of our own and because our Government was allegedly giving our freedoms and rights away to the Communist Chinese, will need to explain themselves.

所以当现在这些失去很多的美国人来看, 错并非己, 而是我们的政府把人民的自由交给了中共,他们必须给一个交代。

The people around the world want Western Civilization back, and we may find out that the world never wanted America to get rid of it in the first place.

全球各地的人都想要回归原有的西方文明,而我们也会发现, 这个世界原本就不想美国遗弃它。

What I believe is needed is very public trials for everyone involved and bring it all out, into the light, no matter how long it takes.

在我看来, 我们要让每个勾兑其中的人进行公开审判, 大白天下, 无论付出多大的代价。

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