Lude Media Daily Live Broadcast English Record 10/23/2020(a)

00:00:22 Lude:

Analyze the topic of this issue.

00:01:13 An Hong:

The University of Hong Kong may have accepted two scholars from Tsinghua University to become the vice president, one of whom must be a party member according to regulations.

00:00:22 Dr. Mo:

1. South Korea’s death toll from flu vaccine injections has increased again to 36. South Korea’s Ministry of Health will announce tonight whether to stop the flu vaccine.

2. When the United States announced that Remdesivir was almost ineffective two days before the WHO, today the US PDA officially approved Remdesivir to enter the new crown treatment.

00:03:48 Lude:

1. Mr. Giuliani said in an interview with Fox. Yesterday the FBI finally started its investigation. I asked them to start the investigation. This is ridiculous. Any trained agent, even a novice agent, will immediately protect those children if they see these materials. Their behavior is intolerable.

2.Investigators should keep a close watch to discover that this is a high-level bribery case, and everything that Joe Biden said is a huge lie. The inside story of corruption here is far more than what Mr. Boblinsky has revealed. But Mr. Boblinsky has given out everything he knows. Just wait to see the emails and text messages to verify his testimony. More inside stories will reveal how this family works.

3. Joe Biden did a poor job in raising children, just like how he educates his son, he did not take any measures, his son almost desperately reported to him, his son almost desperately confided to her, I pose a great danger to the children. His psychiatrist also reported the same thing to Joe Biden. I have relevant information here, and Joe Biden covered it up for two years because of his greed for public power.

4. As we all know, this cover is still going on. The villain and the laptop seem to be no longer in the hands of the FBI, but the part about the child is different. But now if they don’t protect those children in accordance with the law, I will take off their police badge, and I will never allow any indulgence.

00:06:35 An Hong:

1. No such thing is allowed to be written under Mr. Julien. In other words, even if it is based on angry words at this time, it is also a promise. It means that under his rule, this situation will not happen again.

2. After all, he was talking and telling everything, and he has already told everyone that this former officer will only tell everyone the truth, and the evidence will be listed later, but he must not be the first, and there must be others witness. Then the appearance of everyone will be a heavy blow to the entire system and forms of corruption in the Joe Biden family.

00:07:35 Dr. Mo:

1. Mr. Giuliani, he should have basically settled in the FBI headquarters, because its tone is basically the tone of the head of FB. He can control the entire FBI department to reopen and focus on a certain case.

2. He can put forward his own plan on the internal rectification of the entire FB workers. If there is evidence and facts, he must handle the case, and he can no longer be dragged on because of certain interests. At this time, he has to clean up the entire FBI department at the same time. If anyone continues to do wrong things on this or continues to stand on the wrong team, he must clean them up. I think it really resembles Mr. Giuliani’s style, and he must do it with resoluteness.

00:08:25 Lude:

1. Of the points he mentioned, one of them is that this has taken off their police badge. By this sentence, you can know that Mr. Bannon said yesterday that Mr. Giuliani will become the acting director.

2. Also, the part he said about children is different. For the part about children, if you don’t protect those children according to the law, you said that if you don’t protect those children according to the law, you will pick up their police badge. These are all evidence that can be directly testified.

Direct and straightforward video recording, as any junior agent knows. What he saw was to tell the FBI a lot of things that he had done before, and he was completely avoiding the important here. He said that you can directly submit it to the prosecutor’s prosecution system for direct application to the court for immediate arrest, but he did not do all of this. It has been at least nine months now without any action. This is a problem in the FBI. So he actually hides a lot of information in the dialogue here, which is why Mr. Bannon said that he is about to become the acting director.

00:12:11 An Hong:

1. The new official took office with three fires, not to mention that he had been shocked by the situation, so this resolute posture and attitude can definitely sort out the case.

2. The police job is actually not so much a renewal, but a crime. Because they really want to cover things up, then who allows them to do it? Under what circumstances led to such a job placement or criminal situation, how deep the water is in the FBI and how profitable the CCP’s penetration is.

3. When this kind of righteousness changes, I personally think that all the so-called unjust, false and wrong cases in the past are likely to be rehabilitated, and Mr. Julian’s style of acting is absolutely dripping, vigorous and vigorous, and will not release every clue Over. I personally believe that because of everything that is triggered in the hard disk, including what we mentioned, whether it’s politics, business, or even the media, there are other things that we may not know for the time being, the old man will definitely deal with it in a very detailed and detailed manner. The criminals escaped.

00:13:38 Lude:

Yesterday, during President Trump’s Biden debate, President Trump directly asked Biden’s 10% big guy about these things.

00:14:45 Dr. Mo:

1. I have been wondering why Biden suddenly cancelled many events before the last debate. In fact, I think their entire debate team and blending began to attack him with all things Biden and targeted Trump. Ways to circumvent. Therefore, I am also concerned that there was no opportunity in the entire debate today for President Trump to use this to attack Biden. I think it is basically conceivable, because Biden has been doing this in the past two days. He must In the final debate, even whether it was a matter of ruin or reversal, he had to pass.

2. Mr. Julian was very angry that such a major criminal and bad case would be ignored and covered up by these people. This is simply a kind of judicial reading, so he is very angry. The first thing he did when he took office was to restore normal judicial forms and judicial actions. In any country, the sexual assault of minors, or even this kind of sexual abuse, must be dealt with immediately. I believe that after the advancement of this case, under the leadership of Giuliani, it will be very fast.

00:17:23 Lude:

1. Here, the President said directly, he said laptop from hell. If it’s just something like money laundering, so some of our Dr. Bo tweeted that this sentence actually means. Because some netizens are saying that the host of the debate is not allowed to mention this thing.

2. The child abuse, maybe because it is related to Hunter Biden, maybe it has nothing to do with him, right? So President Trump is right to not mention it, but there is a corresponding in this.

The FBI has not done anything. This is the key point. The FBI has already obtained it. The FBI has not done anything like sexual assault on children. It belongs to the FBI, so it is to crack down on the FBI.

00:18:59 An Hong:

1. Coming from hell proved to be able to prove that he did hell-like things. Eventually he will be punished and punished and returned to hell. I think President Trump’s words are actually the finishing touch, and they cannot be said clearly.

2. When a person has sufficient evidence, let the bullet fly for a while, and see how Biden performs, I noticed that I was still lying there with my big eyes. And how many times this so-called hostess interrupted President Trump. Then we can see this kind of contest because there are so-called moderators or middlemen who favor one side. Well, President Trump has the material in his hands, but he can actually put it down slowly. The purpose is to continue to adjust and let you evolve. After the performance and purchase are fully extended on stage, all the evidence can be chewed. Go straight to it.

00:19:57 Lude:

1. There is a 2.5 million fans named Megan Kelly, and President Trump spoke of a laptop from hell. Alluding to this is a more important one. After all, it is Biden with him. We have not said that there is a direct video of Biden in it. It is difficult to contact Biden directly, but what is related to Biden is all the ownership structure of these big guys. He not only denied Biden’s own, but also denied Hunter Biden’s. This is a lie.

2. Sexual assault on children cannot be released on any social media. It is illegal to release it. Even if you no longer make a sudden appearance, if you post it on your website, the FBI will find it in the end. This is the most basic. They grabbed this. You must have a credit endorsement and let it go, but if you let it go, it involves a violation of the corresponding laws of the United States. You can’t break this at all. So this group of people grabbed this.

00:23:05 Dr. Mo:

1. I think they are actually taking advantage of the loophole called good people obey the law. Reasonable people are at a disadvantage under the current circumstances. This is why Mr. Giuliani is now going to the FBI to confirm the evidence in the real judicial circle as soon as possible, and then vice versa.

2. But the question now is that, on a key point, FB workers are now under Giuliani’s hands, but I am wondering whether Mr. Bannon will eventually come out and come to live with Trump in a certain important position. At this time, I feel that the whole actual situation will gradually improve to Trump’s side, especially when the evidence is rocking. I believe that Biden and his Biden family must be inseparable. This must be a chain reaction.

00:25:12 An Hong:

1. It should be that President Trump has produced a lot of evidence, but I personally think he has not released all of it. Because he already knew that to some extent Biden had already done it for himself in this debate, and the whole host said it bluntly, he really favored him and his ancestor Biden’s side. The time and opportunity given to Trump are not particularly appropriate, not particularly numerous, but President Trump has been fighting for reasons and has been explaining the truth.

2. Why does President Trump keep going to his fan meetings all over the United States non-stop, because he needs to use the actual situation, every time there is a crowd of people waving in welcoming him. And there are three or five people in Biden’s place. Two or three people stopped. So what kind of calculations did they play? It was nothing more than using false votes, and some of the so-called statistics he arranged in advance, which may eventually be used to destroy President Trump’s election, but I personally think it should be impossible to take shape.

00:27:15 Lude:

President Trump’s debate yesterday actually focused on this hard drive. But Biden always denied it, and then said it was a Russian conspiracy. President Trump explicitly reiterated that the computer belongs to Biden, and Biden does not recognize it at all. Biden also specifically stated that Giuliani colluded with Russia here to forge these things in this series. It can be seen from this that the judiciary in the United States is independent. Whether you are the president or the vice president, there are rules at this time, and the final judgment is ultimately determined by the judicial system. The judiciary has nothing to do with the president, and there can be no judicial intervention, but this is a time difference. If you use various methods to manipulate the win, after you get it, you can buy the blue gold, etc., plus this because he already has the administrative power and the government’s power, he can control everything, he will You can turn black into white, and everything can begin to frame others. This is the CCP’s consistent method.

00:29:20 Dr. Mo:

1. Biden has blended with the CCP for so many years. In fact, the good ones have not learned the bad ones, and the ones that are really learned are quite thorough.

2. The Biden family’s interactions with the CCP are not formal at all. They are the dirtiest and most fragrant things they play in private clubs. Therefore, what they actually learned in China is the devil. This is what Biden is showing now.

3. Why would Biden give up this kind of speech now? Because he knows that all public opinion in the United States is under the control of his backing forces. Whether and how many people are in his speech actually has no effect on his final vote, but President Trump can’t. All the media Will not let him tell the truth, will not publish him, and his Twitter will be closed again. Everyone knows that President Trump is vigorous and resolute. If you want to say it, do it and do it. The simplest propaganda offensive is that I stand in the crowd, I stand in the American people, and I will tell you my news and talk to you face to face The truth, let you know the truth, this is the most combative, but it is also the most tiring.

4. President Trump is very tired now, but he is very motivated. He wants to use his own experience to break all the media blockades on him. I really admire him. Therefore, I hope that the law and justice will be back on track at this time, and President Trump will help.

00:3 1:45 Lude:

1. Dr. Run’s slander on CNN is very wonderful. Jack asked you to quote the content of this person’s paper. Who is the person who quoted the article? You ruined someone’s paper. Want to talk about this first? Dr. Run said I really want to laugh, they are really stupid doing this. Before writing this kind of article, they did not even reach the baby level. The GNews and online blogs they said were actually written by Kang Shu, the co-author of my thesis. His article is based on the information and analysis I sent to Luther on January 18 this year. If you want to find something more conclusive, you can read my anonymous publication on January 25 about comparing Zhoushan bat virus and new crown virus. Thesis on genetic sequence comparison. What I want to say is these facts, which should be the basic homework for the media and reporters to do before reporting. Even if they do a little, they can at least reach elementary school level. If you can’t, the teacher will blame you, and the homework is not very good. After speaking at that time, the whole process burst into laughter.

2. All these things are released step by step. From January 18th to later, including January 25th, the article on GNews was mine bit by bit. After Dr. Run finished writing, I sent it to Sara and Sara to upload it. It was anonymous at the time. Without these English articles, why would the world now think it came from the laboratory? In the end, before it becomes a thesis, it is all about telling the world bit by bit.

3. The core thing is that most of our audience, the people who really have a conscience, know which ones are fake news.

00:38:31 An Hong:

1. I think what Dr. Run said is particularly interesting, because I looked at it yesterday, and I didn’t even have an elementary school level. So the act of accusing others of plagiarizing oneself and not doing any preparatory homework in itself has made people all over the world laugh.

2. The truth will not change because of low-criminal insults.

00:40:30 Lude:

1. Everything must be verified, especially in the case of the CCP’s black box operation. The CCP is adhering to the truth that a lie has been said ten thousand times.

2. Before judicial proceedings, the most important jury of the RICO Act. The jury are all locals. If a local citizen is fooled by him, you will be considered as the evidence in place, and you will not be able to convict him. So many things must be done first.

00:44:28 Dr. Mo:

I hate this kind of hypocrite in the pseudo-type, he is actually even worse than this kind of person like Biden. He used Bai Dao’s sympathy and justice to decorate himself, while at the same time developing the dark things to Lin’s vividness. Including you see that Biden and his son must pretend to be personable and elegant in public. What they actually do is something that some criminals can’t even do.

00:46:28 Lude:

1. Hunter Biden’s computer was seized by FBI law enforcement officers as part of a further investigation into money laundering activities.

2. Dr. Run’s Interview There is also a paragraph after that which is also very wonderful. She said that people who doubt her should first learn how to read papers. Teach them how to read these papers, teach them how to do academic work, and then say that any one-on-one can be discussed with him. This is emboldened. As long as you master the truth, you are not afraid at all. Because no one of you can tell the world in advance that this will explode on January 19th.

3. In the future, history can finally verify these things. In the end, history will not lie, and time will not lie. Everything we do is based on truth and facts, so we can verify one by one

00:50:42 An Hong:

1. also put Lude’s photos on it, exposing Biden and how he is running for President Biden. But it was deleted by seconds immediately. The firewall persists at the high end, and he can’t stop freedom and truth.

2. When all the truth is listed by us, there may still be many people who have been brainwashed for a long time. He really does not want to believe it, not because he does not want to believe it, because once he believes it is likely that he will collapse.

00:53:08 Lude:

1. After the evil is extreme, it makes people unbelievable. The CCP grasps the psychology, it grasps the weakness in human nature.

2. Let others break the law and illegality in the process of spreading. You are not legal to spread the evil. How can you spread it? Because it’s too evil, it can’t spread at all. This is what the CCP did, and this is what they took advantage of.

3. It is really difficult for the CCP to have the most direct evidence for evil, but in the end it is the jury, so the media war is the most critical. The ultimate goal is to persuade the jurors. You only need one factor to open the case. In the end, you only need to convince the jury.

4. The most important thing is to make the jury intolerable. The CCP has already achieved this point. The source of the virus is true and false, making everyone intolerable. The second point is that Biden’s media inside the CCP will let them know about this after they have done it, and it will be intolerable. The third point is that in all this process, these lying media made them truly realize that this country has been controlled.

00:59:49 An Hong:

1. I will step forward when I can’t bear it. I can’t wait any longer. I hope he will be sanctioned as soon as possible. So there are the entire hard drive door like Biden, your chain, and the hard drive door that we haven’t exposed so far. Other heavyweights say this is late or fast. In fact, there will be changes soon. Important news came out.

2. I was really shocked by the show last night. I lit a smoke cannon for him or drugs. Who would have thought it was 1 billion Philippine. All such glamorous movie stars are actually victims themselves. Those 7 to 10 years old may never know where he died in the end, or the little girls of those people who were thrown away. Who made them like this? It is the Chinese Communist Party. Therefore, they can only be returned, and they can only be destroyed, in order to save all these people, otherwise everyone will not escape the clutches of the CCP.

01:01:49: Dr. Mo:

1. The CCP is definitely better than the United States in playing such bribery and destroying evidence. When he first arrived, when he hooked up with Che Feng(车峰), he actually said it directly. I think Che Feng was very surprised. He has not yet experienced the CCP’s high-level title of bribery and bribery. No, what is it called? Direct and voice prompts. Sometimes a cough, a look, a wine glass, or a hint can all be done, there is no need to say it directly.

2. The CCP started from bribery and accepting bribes. They have wiped out the evidence. Therefore, in the whole situation in Europe and Western society, they used their kind of undocumented bribery to make these Western countries. The politicians of China were eye-opening and learned a lot. This is why they are now making the American judicial system difficult, and it is very difficult to produce evidence. This is one point. They have called this evidence to be destroyed.

3. As Mr. Luther said, the huge gap between our evil and cognition will cause this sense of identity to weaken. As your revelations are too real and the contrast with his cognition is too big, He will have a strong sense of distrust of you. Evils often use this to get close to Americans’ perceptions. You are like Fuxiqiu(傅希秋) and these fake and inferior gates. Use this kind of thinking and information closer to Americans, and fake information to cater to Americans will easily cause the United States. Human trust. However, with the actual situation of the revelation, the gradual understanding and the gradual clarity of Americans’ cognition of the CCP among us, this problem will be solved slowly.

4. The U.S.’s awareness of China is still relatively low and needs a huge improvement. Fortunately, we note that you, including President Trump and Mr. Bannon, are now slowly realizing this, the evil of the CCP and their previous perceptions. Is completely different. I think the American people may still need a long time, but the forwarding and translation of each of our comrades in arms will play a huge role.

01:05:26 Lude:

1. Starting from 11pm on the 23rd, GNews will expose the contents of Hunter Biden’s hard drive every hour every hour. Reported continuously for 13 days every hour, and all kinds of emails were exposed one by one for hundreds of thousands and millions. The focus of our programs in the morning and evening will give you a detailed analysis of these content. The contents of the hard disk are fully exposed, including video photos, one by one.

2. Liu Yifei seems to be an American citizen. Yesterday we actually told an important clue, and the United States can summon her. Isn’t this the most important witness? She can’t deny it, because there is evidence in the video.

3. For 13 consecutive days, each farm will also come to interpret. On GTV.

01:06:57 An Hong:

1. A series of reports every hour, the various farms are arranged according to time. Those of us combatants, no matter which farm you are on, you should be the first to see the original English version. Then because he is more demanding, the workload of translating from English to Chinese is relatively large. There are also video clips and video notes, because it may be the original English version of the video, and it may also have a Chinese commentary, so I will give you a forecast here in advance.

2. I would like to express my joy and congratulations to the farms, that is to say, after all, we have to work together to spread the entire tens of thousands of these messages to GNEWS in a timely, extensive and in-depth manner, and to the world. Every farm is the same as the enemy steam, working together, really let all the truth in our hands, and at the same time spread widely through GNEWS. First of all, it is popularized by the entire English-speaking world. It can be said that this kind of information storm, or the extent of his truth, is probably more powerful than all previous news. Hope you all move your golden fingers. To browse, spread, and promote, every comrade in arms is every fighter.

01:08:57 Lude:

1. This is why Mr. Guo wants to do gnews and do GTV. During the final battle, if you want to report how much trouble it is to block you, you will definitely not be able to report it.

2. Our farms everywhere, right, there will be time in different regions, starting from Asia to interpret them one by one, just translate it from English into Chinese. This is the beginning of a truly comprehensive media war. This is the previous layout. All of these must be legal and compliant, and eventually let the media see them all. Once an hour, a series of messages will be sent every hour, and it will eventually reach the general election, 13 days, everyone will see.

3. The CCP is too evil. Everyone knows one thing here, because your spreading is a crime, so they say you dare not let it go and you can’t let it go.

01:14:03 An Hong:

You said that it is not a crime for them to trample those girls, but if you tell the truth, you become a crime. They lied for more than 70 years and killed so many people, they are not a crime, we Anyone who tells the truth about us becomes a crime. All those foreign dogs that bark, think about it, what is the end of yours?

01:14:42: Dr. Mo:

1. I think it is actually very encouraging. Mr. Wengui(文贵先生) said that this was actually an all-staff war in the news media that broke the news. In fact, it was a war against all fake news. In fact, every comrade-in-arms of everyone actually worked together in the translation process. Maybe you can find the highlights and key points of the evidence in this letter. You should forward it more and learn from each other so that you can share the implementation of the official evidence.

2. Another point is that Luther is correct. In the United States, don’t say that it is published, that is, if you copy or store the information, it is actually a crime to be found, and each country is different. Therefore, you must be very careful when disseminating, and pay attention to your own local laws and regulations. But everyone upholds one point, that is, when you respect the law, try to spread the truth, spread yourself, and even your interpretation can be a key point, so please forward it and contribute more.

01:15:54 Lude:

13 consecutive days, because there are too many. Everyone digs out important digs on Twitter. I hope that countless Holmes will come forward and dig out the things inside. All people have to spread what is inside to let social media spread the heavy evidence inside.

01: 18: 25 An Hong:

1. Let me start by thinking about it. This is only related to Biden and the United States. What about other countries? In the past so many years in the world, how many other governments, politicians and capitalists have engaged in logistics and trade, etc. How many people have never been to China? This is the first one.

2. Although Mr. Giuliani did not come today, our comrades in arms can still invite him next time, and Mr. Julian will definitely come next time. Then the comrades-in-arms can also take this time to prepare some questions. What kind of questions can we ask? Ask him to answer us directly.

3. You have also seen this kind of conversation between US President Trump and Biden, and you have also seen the barking of dogs like CNN and the CCP’s overseas replacement. In this war, everyone is a pawn, everyone is the straw that fell down, you can do hands-on, fax and send the truth, all these can finally be combined into a mighty torrent.

01: 19: 41 Lude:

Expose the contents of the hard drive for 13 consecutive days, once an hour, and finally let everyone see whether the breaking news is true or not? How extreme is the evil of the CCP.

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