Deciphering How the CCP Bribed Hunter Biden in a “Legal” Way for 50 Million Dollars

The blending between Hunter Biden and the CCP began many years ago. As early as 2010, Hunter Biden met with the key stakeholders of the Bohai Capital many times to discuss future cooperation matters. On December 16, 2013, Bohai Huamei (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Company.

BHR was incorporated in Shanghai. After several equity changes, the current equity distribution is as follows: Bohai Capital 30%, Shanghai Ample Harvest Financial Services Group Co Ltd 30%, Anju Investment 10%, Thornton 10%, Ulysses Diversified Inc 10%, and Skaneateles LLC 10%. Among them, Skaneateles LLC is Hunter Biden’s investment vehicle, so actually Hunter Biden holds 10% of the shares of BHR.

When Skaneateles acquired 10% equity in BHR, he promised to invest RMB 3 million. According to a loan contract on July 10, 2017, Skaneateles had contributed RMB 1,987,104, and the remaining capital contribution of RMB 1,012,896 was paid by borrowing. The lender was Li Xiangsheng, and the repayment period can extend indefinitely. However, the trick is that Li Xiangsheng is the director of BHR. Therefore, the truth is that Hunter Biden only signed a loan contract, then he immediately obtained 10% of the shares of BHR. During the entire transaction process, he and his investment vehicle did not pay a cent.

Today the market value of 10% of the shares held by Hunter Biden is approximately 50 million dollars (this value is calculated based on the asset appreciation of BHR).The CCP bribed Hunter Biden in this seemingly legal way and closely linked the interests of the Biden family with BHR. Also they used this method to induce the Biden family to do more for the CCP like facilitating various investment and acquisition activities of the CCP in the United States and assisting them in stealing American core technology and military secrets.

For example, on September 15,2016 a major international investment involved BHR partnering with AVIC Automotive to purchase Henniges Automotive. Better known as the Aviation Industry Corporation of China, AVIC is a vast sprawling military industrial complex company with nearly a half million employees form and has regularly appeared on the US entity list over the years and alleged espionage activities against the US military. Henniges described the deal as“one of the largest acquisitions by a Chinese company of a U.S.-based automotive manufacturing company in history.”

For many years, the Biden family has been betraying the rights, privacy, freedom and lives of Americans. It should be the time for us to awake up and throw Hunter Biden into prison.

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