BREAKING: Joe Biden betrayed CIA’s intelligence operatives in China

by pm

Oct. 25, 2020, 8:00 p.m. ET, Lude Media: As the Hunter Biden hard drivegate continues to unfold, several U.S. media outlets are beginning to backtrack and demand that Joe Biden come out with a detailed explanation of the matter. Recently, another U.S. CIA whistleblower claimed that the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ) have been hiding and covering up evidence related to Biden’s collusion with the Chinese Communist Party since 2005. More importantly, there has been evidence of Biden’s collusion with the Chinese Communist Party in the CIA since 2003. This whistleblower claims to have 47 hard drives on hand that contain a wealth of information, intelligence and evidence, but were suppressed by the FBI starting in 2015. (Luther previously said there were 100 hard drives, now 47 are out and the Luther Explosion show will be verified step by step.)

Why weren’t these hard drives popped up before? Lude claims this relates to what was told before: that Joe Biden betrayed the CIA’s intelligence agents in China.

Since 2003, the CIA has been given information, 47 hard drives containing at least 10,000 files related to Hunter Biden and Joe Biden. All of this information was from various top CIA intelligence officers and informants in all of the Chinese National Security who had access to the top secrets of the Chinese Communist Party. This list of informants was later sold by Joe Biden to Xi Jinping, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, who executed 36 people in one fell swoop. These informants were hauled down a conference room and shot one by one directly on the spot!

Lude exposed: the execution of these people was not even a trial, it was just signed by Xi Jinping and the Ministry of Security, and the people died. These people even told their husbands, wives and children when they went out in the morning, “Take your children to kindergarten and go to work.” When they come back, the person is gone. And it was made directly into various videos for all the relevant positions in the security department. People were not only killed, killed on the spot, but also made videos to all the people who were in those positions to create fear in their hearts and say, ” This is what happens to anyone who works as an intelligence officer for the CIA again.”

Lude claims: that’s why it’s said that a lot of this intelligence was covered up before.A lot of the intelligence people on the CIA side were Chinese, these informants were the top Chinese, they had access to the top secrets of the Chinese Communist Party, these people saw the evil of the Chinese Communist Party and volunteered to be CIA informants. The CCP is more than 10,000 times more evil than what Hunter Biden did! These people see the so-called political leaders in the United States, Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia who are all hooking up with the CCP, and the CCP has videos, videos, and phone calls whenever they hook up with these people. “If you were in that position and saw these things, you would question your life!”

Because these people knew that the CCP was so evil that they came out to be informants for the sake of a free China and for their children and grandchildren to be able to survive normally and well in the future. But these informants were betrayed! The result of the sellout was that the CIA hid evidence of people like Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, and others who colluded with the Chinese Communist Party. “We told everyone on September 24 that it wasn’t just Joe Biden,” Lude stressed. “All of this evidence was covered up for them to continue to scourge the world, step by step.”

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