Childish Midlander Aligns Texans with Bob Fu

Author: Brain Sanitizer

A woman in Midland, Texas is giving Americans all over the U.S. a horrible name. Driving by peaceful protestors at the home of Bob Fu, this woman portrays herself as a serious offense to the American public in two ways. The protestors had their phones out and as they were videotaping, she drove by and yelled in their faces, “I don’t have to have a mask because I didn’t bring the rona!” Then she proceeded to slap a phone out of someone’s hands and onto the road. She implied two things in this crass, hateful message.

First, that she is somehow superior to the other people she is near and yelling at, all the while, caring nothing for their safety by refusing to wear a mask. We know that many health experts including Dr. Li Meng Yan, a world expert on this virus is recommending masks, which she completely ignores with spiteful dominance.

Second, that the Chinese nationals she was talking to had something to do with the origin and transportation of the CCP virus into the United States! What an unbelievably hateful, racist thing to say! As America tries to heal from racist wounds this summer, people like this woman only add logs to the fire and ‘stoke the flames.’ She is part of the reason why advocacy groups are trying to raise awareness of Asian-American harassment during this COVID-19 pandemic. The hate continues, even from middle-aged women in their fancy Denali SUV’s. 

The second series of statements this woman made was, “…We’ll come harass you, we’re Texans, we support Bob Fu, we are Bob Fu.” In other words, Midlanders now align themselves with Bob Fu and his practices. Bob Fu calls himself a pastor-a Christian, as we all know. Would the behavior of this woman be something we could call ‘Christian?’ Would owning and operating liquor stores that sell goods for much higher profits than they’re worth be called ‘Christian?’ Would cheating the system to obtain political asylum for yourself and other family members be called ‘Christian?’

We look at this woman, aligning herself with Bob Fu and we see her behavior; her childlike, ridiculous actions now truly align with the real Bob Fu. How longer, Midland, Texas, will you align yourself with this fraud? You’re giving us all a bad name as Americans. The CCP now has their grip in us so deeply, we are fighting one another! Wake up, and do the research for yourself! We must rid our land of evil!!!

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