Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd — also known as BHR was founded in 2013, according to official public report, by two Chinese-registered asset managers, Bohai Capital, Angju Investment Consulting (Shanghai) Co. Ltd,   Shanghai Ample Harvest Financial Services Co. Ltd.  and two U.S. organisations, and Rosemont Seneca Partners.

Chinese partners (Bohai Capital)

According to the Wall Street Journal, Bohai Capital runs the oldest private equity firm Bohai Industrial Investment Fund, having launched the country’s first yuan-denominated fund in 2006. Bohai Capital’s largest shareholder (with 48% share) is Bank Of China (BOC), who is a state-owned bank. Another major shareholder is Tianjin TEDA Investment Holding (TEDA) (with 22% share), and again is a state-owned company. Its Chairman Mr Zhang BingJun holds the title of China Communist Party (CCP)Secretary which is a political appointment. Other shareholders are also owned by the state or are linked to the local or central government.

US partners (Thornton and Rosemont Seneca)

Thornton Group LLC is a Boston-based cross-border investment advisory firm founded by Michael Lin and James Bulger, son of former Massachusetts state Senate President William Bulger. Rosemont Seneca is a Washington, D.C.-based investment and advisory firm, founded by Devon Archer, Christopher Heinz, and Hunter Biden, who is the son of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden.

BHR was incorporated in 2013, a direct result of the union of Hunter Biden’s company with his CCP connections. The emergence of BHR during Joe Biden’s tenure as Vice President sets the stage for Chinese flows of funds and connections between his son’s company and his CCP counterparts. It also established connection between Joe Biden and his son’s business dealings with state-owned companies of China.

To be continued

By Richard

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