[China] Thousands of accounts shut down for commenting Huawei 251

Dec 5. Chinese Netizens slam Huawei over its internet censorship. A fired Huawei employee had been detained for 251 days and blackmailed by the company.

In these posts, the netizens accuse Huawei of taking down blog posts related to the incident. They also charge the company of suspending the social media accounts of those who are blogging about the event. Some made jokes about Huawei, asking satirically that if Huawei is so powerful, why don’t they try to build a Whitehorse? The others followed suit, commenting “you have violated Huawei Law” in response to the satirical question.

However, have anyone stopped for a second to wonder why Huawei has the power to censor the internet? Everything on the Chinese internet is censored by one and one entity only – the CCP. The criticism of Huawei is allowed to appear on the Chinese internet means that at least someone important in the party has given the go-ahead. Everybody knows that behind Huawei is President Xi’s backing. Therefore, leaving the actual Huawei incident aside, these “word wars” are further demonstrations of the rising and inter-party power struggles between Xi and Wang Qishan.

Author: little prince.
Pictures: GM65
Editor: GM09.

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[…] Huawei is a great example to tell you the truth. As far as Huawei is concerned, it is not controlled by workers. Huawei is jointly owned by a trade union which contributed 99.1235% equity capital, and Ren Zhengfei who contributed 0.8765% equity capital. According to the Trade Union Law of CCP, the funds of trade unions come from membership dues paid by union members, monthly allocations of 2% of the total wages of all of its employees paid to a trade union as funds by the employers, government subsidies and other incomes. Therefore, it’s incorrect to conclude that final… Read more »

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