The way of CCP’s evil win-win strategy to the U.S

Author: Redbeard

‘Win-win’ was widely used by CCP propagandas to describe its strategies to cooperate with the U.S, and other countries as well. All the time people believed the ‘win-win’ is to create benefits to the people of China and U.S. But the ugly truth of that ‘win-win’ is to utilize the useful idiot politicians in U.S to help CCP to steal money from both Chinese people and U.S people to benefit CCP RED families and the family of corrupt idiot politicians, and to infiltrate U.S politics.

The Loan Agreement signed by Hunter Biden is a good example to show how CCP used stolen money from common Chinese people and used it to bribe the families of U.S politicians. The loan agreement shows the CEO of the Bohai Harvest RST (Shanghai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd (BHR), lent money Hunter Biden to invest BHR so Hunter can obtain 10% of the equity of BHR. The funds managed by BHR includes the Social Security Fund of all the Chinese people; but the 10% of the ‘investment return’ was “gifted” to the son of a vice president of U.S at that time.

Apart from using money to infiltrate U.S democracy, free sex is also a commonly used approach. A recent Biden’s sex tap disclosed by Whistleblowers Movement on its free social media platform GTV.ORG shows how the CCP uses sex to corrupt Hunter Biden – the son of a former vice president of U.S. Ironically, Mr. Hunter Biden did not realize that when he was busy enjoying the free sex service, the service provider CCP was also busy recording Hunter’s little secret secretly. The sex tape was recorded in a private club in Beijing and the owner of that private club was an entrepreneur closely cooperating with CCP.

As you can see that CCP use money to bribe and use sex to seduce U.S. politicians and their families as the first step. To get a double assurance to their win-win strategy, CCP also held evidences as ransom, to ensure that those politicians are fully compromised.

Why CCP’s ‘Win-Win’ thinking is so different from the rest of the world? The answer is that CCP do not believe their system CAN coexist with democracy and freedom. So, they have to destroy democracy and freedom by infiltrating democracy to change them to the CCP’s evil system. So if CCP do not believe they can coexist with democracy and freedom, the free world should be united together to take down the CCP and save the world.

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6 months ago

take down the most evil ccp



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