Who Did The 9.5-Inch-Penis Pierce Through?

Picture Source: www.gtv.org

For the past two days, Hunter Biden appeared on the Internet (https://www.gnews.org/, https://www.gtv.org) with pictures and videos of drug abuse, incest, and sexual relations with a teenager girl. Now it continues to ferment, and its level of evil and chaos is beyond the bottom line of mankind, which is horrifying.

Some people say that Hunter Biden is an adult and his drug use and incest are their own family affairs, and that no one has the right to condemn him. But you have to know that Hunter Biden was a man of noble birth. His father, Joe Biden, spent 47 years in American politics and ever served as the Vice President of the United States.

Doesn’t Joe Biden know what his son is doing? As a well-known Chinese saying goes, “To feed without teaching, is the father’s fault.” His son and his family are so messed up. If Joe Biden becomes the president of the United States, is he capable of running this country?

Mr. Hunter Biden, when you dicked teenage girls with your 9.5-inch penis all night long, did it ever occur to you that these girls could be left psychologically scarred for lifetime, even lifelong sterility or death? Have you ever thought about the fact that they were also born to parents who cried to find out what happened to their children. Have you ever wondered, as a parent, how you would feel if your child suffered such abuse?

I don’t think he thought about these issues at all, because greed, evil, and shamelessness have overwhelmed his soul that could be attributed to the CCP’s “Blue-Gold-Yellow” plan. The Chinese Communist Party hastened his demise. On one hand he sold out the U.S. National Interests; on the other hand he absorbed the marrow of Chinese people. The 9.5-inch penis pierce through the souls of all the forces of justice. Now is the time for us to cut off 9.5-inch penis and Satan’s evil forces. Only this way can America be reborn and the world be at peace.

Picture Source: www.gtv.org

Author: Sam

Proof-Reader: Squirrel

Original opinion article by Himalaya Farm Vancouver – 2020/10/25

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