Highlights Lu De and Friends-the Morning Show on Oct 25,2020

Jojo, Canada Himalaya Club

President Trump Wisconsin Speech “Swamp is much deeper, evil than our thought, but we will clear it one by one” , what does this mean?

• Whistleblower Movement (WM) warriors can move on to Parler, Gab, and Rumble to uncover more information about Hunter’s hard drive. Mr. Lu De reminds everyone that content is king; it’s not the time to concern the number of followers.

• President Trump said at the Wisconsin rally about his life of the presidency, “Thought this might’ve been a little easier. I didn’t know the swamp was that deep.” And he promised that he would “drain the swamp, one by one.”

• During the show, Mr. Lu De asks the following questions:
1. Why was Hunter Biden able to get all the special treatments ( e.g., taking drugs and sleeping with underage children, etc.) in China?
2.Why has U.S. law enforcement been sitting on the hard drives for nearly a year?
3. Why do some politicians and mainstream media keep silent after viewing everything in the hard drives?
The answer is the same for the above questions: Because Joe Biden is the father of Hunter Biden.

• In 2012, Hunter’s Seneca Global Advisors accepted a bribe from the Chinese Communist Party by advising GreatPoint, a U.S. energy technology startup, to become a partner of Xi Jinping controlled Wanxiang Group (Wangxiang). In return, Joe Biden assisted Wangxiang with the acquisition of A123 Systems Inc and Fisker Automotive to obtain a U.S. loan and investment in North Korea.

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