04/12/2019 Miles Guo’s Livestream Summary

04/12/2019 Miles Guo’s Livestream Summary(1)
02:09—Beijing refused Teresa Cheng Yeuk-wah’s resignation submitted in London and gave her 4 pieces of advice:

  1. Never mention resignation again
  2. Leave London immediately and return to Beijing or HK to talk with the superiors
  3. If she doesn’t follow the order, then her safety and the safety of her family and assets will not be guaranteed.
  4. Take the private jet and return to Beijing immediately.
    Beijing threatened her with secret recordings,
    and her safety is taken care of by the Raptors in Hong Kong
    and security guards sent from Beijing.
    04:15–Thanks for the Haliotis from friends in Japan
    04:50–Mr. Guo is going live with Iron Man(One of the supporters) this Saturday

04/12/2019 Miles Guo’s Livestream Summary(2)
Link: https://youtu.be/joiMDCfpCYo
00:10–Dalian Executive Committee went to Zhengzhou and seized Mr.Guo’s assets. They were so brutal that they not only took Mr.Guo’s assets but also threatened his employees.
00:57–According to Chinese law if the law enforcement does not show proper documents as well as the reason for his visit, then the local justice and police department can treat them as terrorists and open fire without hesitation.
01:40–Mr. Guo gave a warning for all co-workers:

  1. Without the presence of the legal asset owner and beneficiary, as well as law enforcement, any information or assistance you provide will be illegal and will be severely prosecuted.
  2. The company has insurance, do not worry about the emergency situation. It will be taken care of after the CCP’s demise.
  3. Learn how to use the law in self-defense.
  4. If you encounter forced law enforcement, you can ask for leave of absence or resign, your salary will still be paid, but you can not betray the company. Otherwise, you will face the consequences.
    05:46—The enforcement from Dalian court was illegal. Zhang Pengming, the judge on the case, was already arrested. Deputy Mayor of Dalian Zhang Dawei and his subordinates will be detained next. The CCP will eventually be exterminated.
    Writer: GM38
    Translator: Little Prince

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