A Protestor’s Letter To American People For Being Aware of The CCP’s Infiltration Around You

Dear Americans,

I am a protestor in Midland against Bob Fu. There are several misunderstandings of who we are and what we are up to. First of all, I want to say, I love America. Now, what I have to say is that I am not a “Chinese Communist Agitator” and these other people standing here have the right to peacefully protest. What we want is just a talk with Bob Fu. However, the guy wouldn’t come out. Instead, he chose to call for “help” from the CCP and some of the minority unjust authorities.

Bob Fu is an evil force in America sent by the Chinese Communist Party. In America, we call for the truth and the rule of law. Bob Fu is a fake pastor who lied about his relationship with the Chinese Communist Party. What we want to do is to reveal the truth and cleanse the land of Texas.

Today, a gang sent by Bob Fu arrived in the front of the protest location. One big bearded guy came aiming at Haiyang, one brave hero who has been standing on the protest for 21 days. Throughout the entire time, he has been harassing people, especially women by threatening to shut them up by pushing to the car and conducting a possible sexual assault.

Dear Americans, can you imagine? While all this is happening, the police are standing there doing nothing. The bearded man would not cooperate on the CCP virus regulations of standing six feet apart, he continuously yelled at Haiyang and molested women on site.

Dear Americans, it is a time to which history is created. I strongly urge each and everyone of you to hear the different sides of the story, don’t just follow what local media lie to you about. Again, everyone deserves to know the truth. While many of America’s social media are restricting people from spreading the truth such as the matter occurring at the moment. What I came to learn this time is that there is one just media and platform that allows anyone and everyone to share what they see and freely express their thoughts.

Again, I wish for the best of America and the best of all ya’ll.

Stacey Tang

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