Gnews and GTV Post Hunter Biden’s Sex Images and Videos at Every 2 Hours–2020.10.25

Key Points:

  1. GTV post Hunter Biden’s sex images and videos at every 2 hours .
  2. Biden Daughter’s Showers With Joe Biden.
  3. Multiple Twitter accounts blocked for Hunter Biden’s laptop secrets.
  4. CCP media Netease ( report Hunter Biden’s sex image from


➢ 10.24. The National Life EXCLUSIVE SOURCE: Biden Daughter’s Diary Details ‘Not Appropriate’ Showers With Joe As Child
➢ 10.24. Breitbart Joe Biden: It’s ‘Crass’ to Go After a Political Rival’s Children
➢ 10.24. National Pulse Chinese Communist Party Lauds Censorship Of Trump
➢ 10.24. National Pulse Joe Biden’s Texts To Hunter Show Ex-VP Had “No Hesitancy” In Helping Son Get $1M From Chinese Communist-Linked Business Partner

Daily Image

More laptop videos and images:

Miles Guo (Wengui Guo)on GTV.ORG



Exclusive! Hunter Biden’s Sex Tapes, The CCP’s “BGY” Infiltration in the U.S., Evil Alliance to Dominate the World

Oct 25,2020 Exclusive: Documents to reveal the relationships between Jia Yaoting, Wang Xin and Biden during Xi Jinping’s visit to the US in 2015

Dr Li-Meng YAN COVID-19 is Unrestricted Bioweapon

I have first-hand of clinical data in mainland China, representative of WHO Reference Lab in HKU.

Steve Bannon War Room

War Room: Pandemic Ep 455 – The CCP and Election 2020 Pt. 1

War Room: Pandemic Ep 455 – The CCP and Election 2020 Pt. 2

“Find the RIGHT Mexi” – #JeffCooper aka big “O” man

They already decided Miguel was just a tool a year prior, but thanks for making the connections. #CCP $$ and #RosemontGemini #Eudora can take over from here. #BidenCriminalFamily. What do @CIA /@FBI/ @StateDept do? Real ?

Hunter and DevinArcher apparently had been working the Mexico grift for a while and Burisma was on board.

Hunter and Devin were Burisma’s “right mexis” FACT
How you “make” money when you know Chairman Xi and you are a crooked democrat princeling.

@realDonaldTrump @RudyGiuliani Someone please call the SEC. #RosemontSeneca you might be getting some calls Monday.

I know, you want to hear about the #Burisma crooks and border issue. I get it. Remeber all the dates even the times on e-mails are important. They are planning.

But first #JeffCooper and #Hunter need to see the #BigGuy before going on the #Mexico grift. But no business.

Lude Media:

10/24/2020 Morning Show:

President Trump Wisconsin Speech “Swamp is much deeper, evil than our thought, but we will clear it one by one” , what does this mean?”

➢ The Chinese Communist Party bought Joe Biden through Jiechi Yang(while be Ambassador to the US)
➢ BHR, or Bohai Harvest RST, was set up by Junliang Lin, a liaison under the leadership of the CCP Foreign Ministry, and the “Overseas Influence Partnership Fund” under the leadership of the Chinese Foreign Ministry.
➢ Hunter Biden has direct ties to the members of CCP’s Politburo Standing Committee.
➢ Giuliani calls out the American people: get out and vote out the bad guys, save the country, take the blame
➢ OANN reporter who saw the Hunter Biden’s hard drive videos identified the underage girl in the video as Joe Biden’s granddaughter

10/24/2020 Night Show:

Eternal Battle start now, many twitter account including LUDE been blocked;Where to watch Biden family BOMBSHELL VIDEO? interpret Xi Jinping’s speech quote Mao Zedong words

➢ The Eternal Battle begins in full force, Lude and our Whistleblower’s Movement Fellow Fighters are collectively shut down for exposing Biden’s hard drive, and everyone goes to to see the Biden family’s heavy hitters?
➢ The naked women in the Biden sex video are all his family members; free speech has fallen in America,
➢ A full reading of Xi Jinping’s speech quoting Mao the day before yesterday
➢ Dr. Li-Meng Yan hits back at CNN smear video: politicized smear, ignoring facts, forced brainwashing nothing new.
➢ Dr. Li-Meng Yan looks back on the fight in Hong Kong and hopes that her Fellow Fighters abandon their selfishness, don’t forget the justice, and cherish the opportunity to fight. If the CCP is not die, the fight will not stop; no one can protect themselves as long as you are a human being with an ACE2 receptor. Communism has swept through, and you are a living leek, always being cut.
➢ We must be like moths to a flame. We are still alive, still have the strength to speak out, still have the last chance to fight, for ourselves, for our next generation, for everyone we love. We have to fight the evil power of the Chinese Communist Party to the end!


All Lude’s Twitter accounts have been blocked!New Parler account:  Gab account:
Mula2020’’s Twitter accounts have been blocked!New Parler account:

new Twitter account: @GlobalHimalaya1
#JoeBiden works for China Communist Party! He loves money from CCP more than America. We must defeat this treasonous corrupt politician and put him in jail. President Trump will be able to do it, with our votes!

TWITTER must be dismantled!  I am an American and I have every right to hear what Mr. Lude has to say.  CCP TAKEN DOWN for the sake of the entire world.  They are evil people who want to destroy everything that is good in our world.  We must all fight together.  How can I help?

Communist China Fake News

10.24. The CCP’s media Netease ( report Hunter Biden’s sex image from

Biden’s new scandal,large numbers of sex pictures from a Dispute website:

Whistleblower’s Movement popular glossary

What is 3F plan?


The “3 F’s of the United States” are to Foment weakness, foment chaos and foment the destruction of America. This is a series of plans for the conquest of the United States that have been put forward within the high echelons of the CCP since the time of the South Putra Conference. This plan, which has led the United States to extreme turmoil on many levels, will put the security of the American people and their assets at great risk. The killing power of these plans is far greater than 9/11. Americans must be alert to avoid a major catastrophe.


On October 3, 2017, the Hudson Institute, a U.S. think tank, was pressured by the CCP to temporarily cancel Guo Wengui’s scheduled speech the following day. Guo Wengui was then temporarily rescheduled to give a speech on the 5th with the assistance of Washington Free Beacon reporter Bill Goetz and Citizen Power founder Jianli Yang, among others. The National Press Club of America in Washington, D.C., held a press conference and invited NBC, The New York Times, Radio Free Asia and other media outlets. At the meeting, Guo Wengui, for the first time, publicly presented top secret documents from China’s National Security Council, and for the first time publicly told the news media that the CCP has two plans to set the United States up for utter failure. Namely, the Blue, Gold and Yellow Plan (BGY) and the 3F USA Plan.
Selected typical cases

  1. The US Intelligence Committee Russia-gate investigation of President Donald Trump. On January 2017, April 2019 the U.S. Department of Justice issued an investigative report showing no evidence of Donald Trump colluding with Russia during the 2016 election. In May 2019 Congress targets President Donald Trump for abusing his power and obstructing a congressional investigation to initiate presidential impeachment. February 2020 the Senate rejects the impeachment of President Donald Trump. During that time President Donald Trump has repeatedly accused Democrat Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden of receiving bribes from China and has repeatedly said he wants to drain the swamp in Washington. Years of Chinese infiltration have brought the Republican and Democratic parties in the United States into an endless battle.
  2. The caravan incident. In October 2018 approximately 6,000 illegal immigrants (in 4 separate waves) from Central and South America Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and elsewhere traveled north and assembled at the U.S.-Mexico border in an attempt to force their way through the blockade. According to Guatemalan sources, a steady stream of buses continued to arrive at the Guatemala-Honduras border. The caravan was eventually stopped by increased patrols and law enforcement along the U.S.-Mexico border and by the construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. But according to a Department of Homeland Security investigation, the illegal immigrants came from about 20 different countries, some of whom had gang backgrounds and criminal histories. Vice-President Pence publicly stated that the refugees at the southern border of the United States were organized by left-wing groups and financed by Venezuela. This was at a time when Venezuela was suffering from the toughest sanctions ever imposed by the United States, the country was in a severe economic crisis, and when China was the country’s largest employer, oil importer and creditor, and the largest financier of the Maduro government.
  3. The U.S. Fentanyl overdose deaths in the U.S. have increased every year since 2000. According to the CDC Fentanyl kills more than 18,000 Americans each year, and the FBI investigations have shown that 95% of drugs such as fentanyl flowing into the U.S. are from China. On October 26, 2017, President Donald Trump declared a national public health emergency in the United States in response to the opioid epidemic. The United States is now killing more people from drug overdoses than from gun homicides and car crashes combined, according to Trump. It is the leading cause of death. The United States has continued to pressure the Chinese government to strengthen controls on fentanyl smuggling because of the fentanyl crisis. There has been friction between the US and China over fentanyl smuggling controls. In December 2018, during the G20 summit in Argentina, Xi Jinping had promised Trump to regulate fentanyl. In August 2019 Senior Advisor to the President, Kellyanne Conway, said that last year alone Federal agents seize enough fentanyl to kill every American man, woman and child four times over. Peter Navarro, director of the Director of Trade and Manufacturing Pocily, has publicly stated that fentanyl smuggling remains one of the “seven deadly sins” that China must address.
  4. Wuhan Virus Incident. In November 2019 the new coronavirus that first emerged in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, spread rapidly across China in a short period of time and caused a large number of infections and deaths before spreading to 188 countries and territories around the world in more than six months, infecting more than 20 million people and killing nearly 750,000 as of August 13, 2020
  5. Antifa Event. On May 25, 2020 George Floyd, a 46-year-old African-American man who suffered from neo-coronavirus and lost his job as a result, died on May 25, 2020. Floyd took large amounts of drugs and was arrested in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for using a counterfeit $20 bill. A white police officer’s actions led to Floyd’s suffocation death. A witness live-streamed footage of Floyd arrest. Subsequently many American citizens peacefully demonstrated to demand a fair trial for the police officers involved and to confront the deep-rooted racial discrimination in the country. The demonstrations soon turned into riots, with road blockades, robberies, vandalism and tepid enforcement of the law by police officers particularly when journalists were covering the scene. The phenomenon spread to more than 30 states across the U.S. On May 31, U.S. Attorney General Barr released a statement saying that Antifa and other groups incited the violence and labelled this domestic terrorism. On the same day US President Donald Trump tweeted, indicating that the US would define Antifa as a terrorist organization.
  6. Antifa in the United States is a radical left-wing anarchist, anti-fascist political movement that advocates direct action in opposition to the American Republic. The Antifa movement uses different means of protesting – online, infiltrating peaceful demonstrations to ignite violent confrontations, force and harassment of groups with opposing views such as fascists, racists, and the extreme right. Participants tend to be anti-capitalist and include derivative left-wing ideologies, such as anti-authoritarians, Communists, Marxists, Socialists, and Social Democrats.
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5 months ago

China should be ruled by law, not by mafia. In China, the Communist Party controls everything, they control the whole country. They control internet and all social networks. Due to China’s internet censorship, Google,YouTube,Facebook and Twitter are all banned in China. People may be sent to prison if they said something the Communist Party dislike. Many people shut their mouths consciously. They control the education system from kindergarten to college. All students in China are forced to believe the communism and their lies. They control the financial system. Trillions of dollars have been stolen from the people and transfered to… Read more »


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