Highlights Lu De and Friends-the Late Night Show on Oct 24,2020

Jojo, Canada Himalaya Club, Twitter: @CanadaHimalaya

Eternal Battle start now, many twitter account including LUDE blocked;Where to watch Biden family BOMBSHELL VIDEO? interpret Xi JInping’s speech quote Mao Zedong words

• Twitler (Twitter) has suspended the accounts of thousands of Whistleblower Movement (WM) warriors. Now, there is no such thing as freedom of speech anymore. However, we are running out of time. Every WM warrior will keep on fighting against the Big Tech and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) until this war is over.

• G-TV and Gnews will be keeping on releasing emails, pictures, and tapes (including some inappropriate pictures he took with his own family members) from Hunter Biden’s hard drives over the coming week.

• CNN could not have an interview with Dr. Yan because they didn’t want it to go live. Now they repeatedly keep attacking Dr. Yan and her reports. On the show, Dr. Yan says only the names in the CNN report are true. They just disregard the fact and force the brainwashing of people.

• Dr. Yan recalls Hong Kong’s struggle for freedom and the heroes who sacrificed their lives and families to bring down the CCP. This is an end game with the CCP; WM warriors should abandon the selfishness for now. Because the CCP is afraid of WM, we are at the center of the war. If this evil regime were still alive on earth, what we have now would be meaningless.

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