Bannon War Room EP 456 51- 55 ; Live on Oct 24 , 2020


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Selected Transcription from War Room: Pandemic episode 456 on October 24, 2020. Han MeiMei, a Chinese American, talked about Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) BGY plan and how Biden is compromised and owned by the CCP! The CCP is at our door and we ran out time to be afraid. The American people need to stand together.

Bannon: How people are less dismissed that if they support secretary Xi than support President Trump?

Han Meimei: Hi Mr. Bannon. Thank you for having me here. So, I want to start from sharing a game, so there is a 2500-year-old Chinese game. It’s an abstract strategy board game for 2 players, called GO. The aim is to surround more territory than your opponent.

The CCP has been playing this game with the US for decades. And right now, right at this moment, the whole game is being revealed and it’s unbelievable from those still refuse to report it, or even try to cover it up.

So, the CCP is in a race of controlling the US versus the US securing its own country. And they use a very sophisticated plan called the BGY plan.

They, the CCP, select or identify their key players whether you’re an individual, a family, an institute, or even an entity.

The CCP analyse them to find out their weaknesses, and conduct a tailored BGY plan on them. Whether it’s cash, drug, women or even children, you just name it. The CCP can provide whatever you need as long as it worked at the time.

And so far, the CCP has marked the Biden family as their territory. In other words, they’re compromised, they no longer represent the American people’s interest, but only the CCP’s interest.

If you play GO, you will know, every playing piece you put down will affect your future move. Maybe the next 20 moves even. So same here, a tailored plan was made for the Biden family which has been in place since the Deng era which dated back more than 30 years ago. There’s no coincidence here, and things didn’t happen over night.

Bannon: Do you believe that Biden families are compromised? Do you think they’re compromised by a BGY plan?

Han MeiMei: I think they are owned by the Chinese Communist Party. And I have one thing I want to say to all the American people. I ask every American house hold, and who and all other audiences do an experiment today.

I ask each family to appoint one member to play the CCP, and the other family members can carry on their daily activities. So if anyone in this house hold got the CCP Virus, this family member who plays the CCP will weld your door shut.

And if you post anything anti-CCP on social media, you phone can be confiscated, and you will be arrested by the family member who plays the CCP. And if you worship God with some friends and family members at your own home, this family member who plays CCP can raid you at home, confiscate your Bible, and arrest all of you.

I can go on for days. I mean, American people, can you handle any of that? I can’t. That’s why retreat to this country. I see a safe heaven and American dream. What about you? Where can you retreat to from the America?

The CCP is at our door and we ran out time to be afraid, or even not to care. The enemy is at the gate. We need to stand together, the American people. But first, by not voting for Biden, a presidential candidate who has been compromised and owned by the CCP.


CCP’s BGY plan:

  • B(code as Blue in Chinese)- Intelligence/Information to blackmail
  • G (code as Gold in Chinese)- Money/Assets to bribe
  • Y (code as Yellow in Chinese) – Sensual lust to seduce (or sex-espionage)

Chinese translation:

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The pretty girl on War Room is very brave.