Joe Biden is a Liar !

In 2019, when U.S. President Trump communicated with media reporters, he said besides Ukraine, China should also be investigated on the business cooperation between the former US Vice President, Joe Biden, now the Democratic presidential candidate, and his son R. Hunter Biden.

In early October 2019, a Wall Street Journal reporter wrote one news after a deep investigation that Hunter Biden owned a 10% share in Bohai Harvest RST (ShangHai) Equity Investment Fund Management Co., a private equity investment institution. Hunter Biden was also one of the nine directors of this company, which is controlled by some Chinese huge state-owned shareholders . Bohai Harvest was established shortly after the US Vice President Joe Biden visited China in 2013. The documents submitted by Bohai Harvest showed that Hunter Biden had been a director since the company was founded, but he did not become a shareholder until October 2017.

After President Trump’s corruption allegations for months, Hunter Biden finally broke his silence and issued a statement through his lawyers. It was stated that Hunter Biden would resign from the board of directors of Bohai Harvest on October 31, 2019. And he promised that if his father Joe Biden were elected president, he would no longer work for any foreign company, and he reiterated that Joe Biden has never discussed his business activities with his father.

Later, there was no progress of investigation about the business relationship between Hunter Biden and Bohai Harvest RST. Until October 23, 2020, Lude Media exposed the truth about the corruption between Hunter Biden and Bohai Harvest.  Firstly Bohai Harvest RST, which was controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), signed loan agreement of RMB 3 million with Hunter Biden, expressly granting Hunter Biden 10% of the equity (registered capital of the company RMB 30 million and 10% equity equal to RMB 3 million ) in the form of “borrowing”. At the same time, the contract stipulates that the loan will be repaid through dividends paid by Bohai Harvest RST to Hunter Biden in future.

Meanwhile, GTV disclosed two copies of the loan agreement between Hunter Biden and Bohai Harvest RST On June 30, 2017, hunter Biden (as a borrower) and Li Xiangsheng (as a lender), the CEO of Bohai Harvest, signed a loan agreement of RMB 1,987,104. Then, on October 31, 2018, Hunter Biden (as a borrower) and Wang Xin (as a lender), the head of Bohai Harvest RST Finance , signed a loan agreement of USD 158,000. Hunter Biden borrowed RMB 3 million from the those two person who represented CCP to obtain 10% of the equity . There was no penny from Hunter Biden himself for this investment. It was reported that Hunter Biden’s 10% equity in Bohai Harvest RST had a market value of USD 50 million now.

In the third debate of the US presidential election on October 22,2020, Joe Biden denied that his son Hunter Biden took money from the Chinese Communist Party. But the fact was that Hunter Biden did not pay any fund, but ‘borrow’ money from Chinese Communist Part to invest Bohai Harvest RST and obtain USD 50 million dollars investment return in eight years. It was sad that Joe Biden lied to American voters in front of TV .

By Randy Young


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