Indian people chanted their support for the New Federal State of China

— Indo-Australia-New zealand-Taiwan allies jointly in support of Athena farm’s Queensland Thieves Punishment actions

Author: Giselle
Translator:  MaoBen

At 11 am 24th October, members of Melbourne’s Athena Farm, and over 20 people from India, Australia, the United States, New Zealand and other countries jointly held a protest at Wellington Point Recreation Reserve, Queensland. 

The slogan of these event participants is: CCP spies, get out of Australia! 

This protest was organized to against the Chinese spy Pan Linzheng who cover up the truth of the virus and attack Dr. Limeng Yan on social media which directly endangered the safety of the Australian people. Supporters from New Zealand, Charlie and Indian Ruggy, even declared on the spot that they support the New Federal State of China, and the Australian government should stand out and tell the people the truth about the virus!

Reporter Lish from Athena farm interviewed a resident at the scene of the protest: You are of Indian descent and now live in Australia. Why do you want to protest against the Chinese Communist Party? What’s your plan?

Ruggy: Yes, my name is Ruggy and I came from India. I protest the CCP hiding of the truth of the virus. The virus was released from Wuhan’s p3 lab, but the Chinese Communist Party has concealed the truth from the whole world, which has caused so many people to get sick all over the world. I think the Chinese Communist Party should be substituted by the New Federal State of China, and the country will become more democratic and Chinese people will have a better life. The CCP can not hide the truth of the virus any more, especially at this point of time. John Pan, the person we mentioned is attacking Dr. Yan Limeng on social media, Dr. Yan is now in exile alone and her family members have been arrested. The smearing of Dr. Yan is secretly done by the Chinese Communist Party. I hope that the Australian government can stand out and speak out for this matter. It will be benefited for all of us.

Many Uyghurs are now being detained and tortured in China, and the Communist Party is creating frictions on the Sino-Indian border. This also raised a great concerns to our Indians in Australia. The Communist Party of China is demon and they must become more transparent on the virus issue. Due to ccp has huge deep state forces all around the world, we must stand out and against them.

Therefore, democratic countries like the United States and Australia must stand up and against the Communist Party, and we have the responsibility to protect Taiwan!

Maria, an Australian lady who came to support the protest was interviewed by Athena reporter Lish at the protest site.

Lish: Have you heard of John Pan?

Maria: Yes, he is a member of the Chinese Communist Party.

Lish: yeah, so have you heard of Dr. Limeng Yan?

Maria: The whistleblower?

Lish: yes

Maria: She told us the origin of the virus. The Chinese Communist Party has been trying to cover up the truth.

Lish: What do you think about Dr. Limeng Yan?

Maria: She is very brave and dare to challenge the Communist Party. She is a true hero! She helped us to know the truth. If you don’t want the coronavirus, you must take down the Chinese Communist Party!

Another supporter from India told Lish that once your freedom and democratic rights are taken away by the communist government, if you want to make a different voice, then you have to consider that you will be violently taken away, and your family members will be arrested. The current CCP’s government is really terrible!

Lei Ming, a member of the New Federal State of China, said that he hopes that Chinese people all over the world can enjoy real democracy, rule of law, and freedom in the future. The Chinese Communist Party is demon which has no right to represent us. CCP is a shame to our entire nation! Take down the CCP and let justice to be served all over the world!

(The content of the article only represents the author’s opinion)

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ccp must go to hell, take down the ccp



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