Who is Wang Xin?–the pawn to gain influence over Hunter Biden and later Joe Biden.

Author: Gwiki

Translation: Thorn Bird, Be_Water, Wen Kang, Snow Mountain

Wang Xin is the illegitimate daughter of Wang Qishan, and her father’s pawn to gain influence over Hunter Biden and later Joe Biden.  

1. Onto the Radar

Hunter Biden’s Hard-Drive-Gate scandal has brought Xin Wang to the public horizon. 

In the “Hard-Drive-Gate” emails, Bohai Harvest RST(BHR) was the new signature borrower for the loan to Hunter S. Biden.

Lude media followed-up asking in a tweet, who is this  “Wang Xin”?  Let’s look it up [1].

In Lude’s tweet response, we found out that Bohai Financial Holdings had two individuals named “Wang Xin”, one belonged to a male, and another belonged to a female.  The email clearly indicated that Wang Xin was female, thus we believe the latter is more probable.

Among the tweet replies, some fellow warriors suggested that it could be the illegitimate daughter of urine-bag-Wang Qishan and Gao YY, and the two articles on Gnews support this opinion [2.1][2.2].

2. Wang Xin’s Resume

Wang Xin, female, Canadian passport holder.

She holds a PhD in Law from Boston University, and a Bachelor degree in Commerce from McGill University in Canada.

As the global coordinator of the Offshore Parallel Fund, Wang Xin is responsible for fundraising and project execution overseas.

Previously, she worked as counsel at White & Case LLP and as a managing partner at Bohai Harvest[3][4].

3. Rare Public Exposure 

Wang Xin: I am Wang Xin from BHR. We should be considered as a small-Cap company. We were established relatively late, in 2014, as a platform specializing in international agencies. We are under the Bohai Industry, which is the first RMB private equity fund opened by the Bank of China in conjunction with Social Security Department, China Development Bank and Tianjin City Government. Harvest Fund is also a shareholder of our company. Our focuses are at international mergers and acquisitions, the medical and healthcare industries, the fields of green technology related to environmental protection, as well as the fields that improve our clothing, food, housing and transportation. [5]

4. Vital Link to the CCP’s BGY on Joe Biden   

Wang Xin is another typical example of Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) ruling with genitals and compromising American politicians via the BGY. Wang Xin is a key member of Wang Qishan’s financial and political empire, as well as a showcase of how Chinese Communist Party conducts BGY activities overseas. Wang Qishan and Gao YY had the illegitimate daughter, Wang Xin, and Wang Xin handled Hunter Biden, in turn, Wang Qishan gained influence over Joe Biden.

(Above are personal opinions only)


[1] https://twitter.com/ding_gang/status/1319784901072375809?s=21






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